Todd Norman Guess is an emerging artist whose creative passions were shaped by the contrasting pristine beauty of the Pacific Northwest and the industrial and technological landscapes and wastelands of the modern world. On art and artistry, he says, “I find it increasingly impossible to speak of art without speaking of spirit and everything. It’s as if we must first find, or choose, some specific arena of conversation in order to continue, and one of the gifts of great art is that it immediately presents us with such an arena.”

The pieces featured here were selected from a body of work produced during a period of transformation and deep reflection, and is called “Being Ghosts and Snakes in the Garden of the Machine’s Eye” and a form of contemplative archetypal neutral. This work draws from a range of inspirations, such as integral theory and praxis, all forms of mysticism, the math and iconography of the world’s traditions, and the cosmology of the Matrix films.

Although he is eager to return to the studio again for another session with digital work, Todd says there is still much creative work to be done in finding ways to get the existing art from the hard drive onto fabrics, murals, floor designs, table tops and game boards. His desire is also to take the workings of his digital pen and move beyond fine art to explore the decorative aesthetics for places of healing, inspiration, education, community and soulful dialogue.

Being Ghosts and Snakes in the Garden of the Machine’s Eye Posted 02.27.06