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Neil Osborne is the front man for legendary Canadian alt-rockers 54*40. Their 2001 album, Casual Viewin', drew from 60s soul and hip hop grooves, and in Neil's words, is a "feel good groove record." We present to you the title track, featuring a pulsating bass groove and the lyrical essence of the "poetry of motion."

 Casual Viewin' ( 04:20 )
Broadband  |  Dialup  |  Download WMV   7/5/2004

In this spare, striking black and white video directed by Caroline Stossol, Osborne and Co. show why they are one of Canada’s best-kept secrets. "Take Me Out," a song from their 2003 LP Goodbye Flatland, is a mid-tempo rocker featuring harmonium and orchestral arrangements, all of it tinged with hope and a bit of sadness as Osborne claws against the limitations of the flatland worldview (with lyrics, Neil explains, inspired by the writings of Ken Wilber).

The landscape is intentionally shot as bleak and desolate, framed by the arc of a bird—archetypal symbol of the transcendent in flight—along with a flower—the one color image in the entire video—pointing to the overcoming of flatland and its monochrome melancholy madness.

The video itself is a genuine piece of art, offering a rare glimpse of the wide-open spaces of the Maple Leaf nation as Stossol follows the band’s exhausting search for a glimpse of the transcendent, or as Osborne puts it: "Always looking out there / hoping to find something better somewhere / And I'm looking high and I'm looking on." We are proud to host the audio-visual document of this quest….

 Take Me Out ( 03:59 )
Broadband  |  Dialup  |  Download WMV   1/19/2004

Neil joined us at the Boulder house for a "mini-rave" focusing on Integral Art and Transformative Practice. This live performance makes a statement about war, guns and violence, while calling for a deeper connection to our human condition.

 One Gun ( 05:11 )
Broadband  |  Dialup  |  Download WMV   4/18/2005
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