At the recent Integral Art weekend in Denver/Boulder, among the many astonishing moments was a completely spontaneous and impromptu musical composition by flamenco-guitar legend Ottmar Liebert and techno-music wizard Kenji Williams (who also trained in classical violin).

Ottmar had begun strumming a few guitar cords; Kenji picked up his violin; they both started playing off the other, watching for cues, listening to which way the music wanted to compose itself. For the next five or six minutes, an altogether extraordinary and beautiful composition emerged, on the fly, with both of them playing together in a way that looked like they had performed this song together many times, whereas it was being created for the first time as they played. An alert attendee grabbed a camera about half way into the presentation, and here is what was recorded. Believe us, you won't want to miss this one....

 Ottmar and Kenji Rock ( 04:14 )
Broadband  |  Dialup  |  Download WMV   5/17/2004

Also, check out the super-cool redux version, edited by our own Emilio Martinez:

 Ottmar and Kenji Redux ( 04:00 )
Broadband  |  Dialup  |  Download WMV   7/12/2004