DRAWDOWN is a single channel video piece directed by Phoenix Perry in collaboration with Arnold Steiner and sound by Brian Jackson (Infinite Volume) completed in 2004 for the Reline DVD compilation.

Drawdown: the process by which the dominant species in an ecosystem uses up the surrounding resources faster than they can be replaced.

Drawdown explores the relationship between man, machine, environment and the culture of greed in the world. Looking at the body as both a polluted system and a vehicle for enlightenment, we see the human form as an evolving machine empty of meaning in and of itself. In this context, the delusions of ego and self-importance become clear.

Drawdown suggests we look beyond our own selfish desire to see the vast beauty and abundance of the world around us.

As we look for the basic meaning of human existence amidst a technological culture, we must question if our technologies aid human evolution or accelerates the process of extinction. The answer immediately reveals the state of the human consciousness each man crafts into the world.

 Drawdown ( 03:12 )
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