Billy Corgan
The Church Sessions
Here Billy graces us with a very intimate performance of some unrecorded material.

(6 Clips)
Live at the Soiled Dove
(with Yungchen Lhamo)

The combination of rock star Billy Corgan and Tibetan singer Yungchen Lhamo touring and performing together in support of Billy's recent, New York Times bestselling book of poetry, Blinking With Fists, is as interesting and profound and beautiful a duo as ever....

(6 Clips)

Stuart Davis

The Stuart Davis Show
The Kosmic Jester is at it again, taking on his most ambitious and controversial project yet—one which is guaranteed to entertain, enlighten, and occasionally nauseate you—a one-man episodic talk show, written, produced, performed, and edited by Stuart himself.

(12 Clips)
Stu Cam
We gave Stu a video camera, a Powerbook, and a mission: to document the zany life of a touring integral misfit.  Stu Cam features video clips - recorded and edited by Stuart and his “Punk Monks” - chronicling Stu’s adventures across the country and through the contours of his own bizarre mind....

(21 Clips)
Love Has No Opposite
Audio Book

The man who invented his own langauge (Is) gives us the inside scoop on life as a struggling Zen student, touring musician, and the kaleidoscopic tornado that is life in the Mystery. Stu dives into the human condition, knowing each bruise, every punch line is the one that has the power to release us into our own awakened awareness. The pain and pleasure of our human paradox is not a problem to be solved, but an Enigma to be lived. We are that limitless Mystery; Love. And Love has no opposite.

(15 Clips)
¿What Album Release

Stuart Davis' new studio album ¿What is a landmark work by a pop iconoclast.  With the expert aid of producer Alex Gibson, Davis' twelfth full length release is his best yet.  The album moves through every mood and mode of the human condition, from the dumpster to the transparent release of ineffable freedom, thirty-five year old Davis demonstrates the depth and versatility that has made him a critic's darling and a cult icon in the U.S. and Europe.

(7 Clips)
Live at Penny Lane,
July 2005

In July of 2005, Stuart and his bassist Chad headlined the closing weekend of the famous Penny Lane in Boulder. Performances include Wizard, Universe Communion, and Doppleganger Body Donor.

(3 Clips)
Live at the Boulder Creek
Festival, July 2005

In Summer of 2005, Stuart Davis rocked the foothills of Boulder during an outdoor performance at the annual Boulder Creek Festival. Performances include: Sexy Messiah, AC/DC, Voodoo Dolls, and Savoring Samsara.

(4 Clips)
Live at Trilogy Wine Bar
and Lounge, July 2004

In July of 2004, Stu and his band performed at Boulder's Trilogy Wine Bar for a free show sponsored by Integral Naked. We hope you enjoy as much as we did! Perfomances include Fall Awake and Babies.

(2 Clips)
Stuart Davis Live
Stuart Davis, the artist laureate of Integral Institute and the first guest ever to appear on Integral Naked, is our favorite MC for Integral Naked events. Here are many examples of why. Performances include: Smoke, Seven Wonders of the Soul, Flower of a Zero, Universe Communion, and Stephen's Exhibition.

(5 Clips)

Sophia Diaz

dj rekluse (Corey deVos)

Indian Temple Dance
Sophia demonstrates a sacred Indian Temple Dance at one of our seminars. With amazing grace and beauty, Sophia is truly an Integral Dakini....

(2 Clips)
Belle (dj rekluse

Our own Corey deVos, Managing Editor of Integral Naked, remixes Belle by Stuart Davis.

(2 Clips)

Mark Edwards

Fractal Tribe

Song of Zazen
An inveterate guitar strummer and amateur song writer, Mark's love of music and his three decades of contemplative practice come together in this beautiful rendition of "Song of Zazen," performed by his group Into the Sun.

(1 Clip)
Fractal Tribe
This group of performance artists took over the stage during a February 2005 Integral Naked gathering in Boulder. They designed their dance as an expression of the evolution of consciousness.

(1 Clip)

Michael Garfield

Chef Eric Giesbrecht

Live at the Rock and Soul

These recordings were taken from a recent performance by Michael Garfield in July 2006, at the Rock and Soul Cafe here in Boulder, Colorado.

(3 Clips)
Taste the Love in Food
From a five-year odyssey through Integral Theory and applying that theory to both food and his life, Chef Giesbrecht looks into the significance of cooking as not only a way to nourish the body but a way of bringing people together.

(1 Clip)

Ed Kowalczyk

Tripp Lanier

Integral Art and
Transformative Practice
(With Ken Wilber and Stuart Davis)
A series of vibrant discussions and electrifying performances centered on the the questions "What is the relation of art and transformation?" and "How can art be part of an integral practice?"

(4 Clips)
Do to Me
According to Tripp, "Do to Me" is about the dance between personal integrity and submission to something greater than oneself, or as Tripp asks, "At what point do you quit bending over for the sake of standing up for yourself?" But beyond all that, this is just good ol' rock-n-roll with no apologies....

(1 Clip)
Ottmar Liebert
Live at Cervantes Ballroom
Here we feature exclusive clips from Ottmar's live performance at Cervantes Ballroom in Denver.

(5 Clips)
Live at the Boulder Theater
This series of clips was recorded live at the Boulder Theater in 2004.

(5 Clips)

Emilio Martinez

Willow Pearson

Integral Comedy
Emilio is funny, and God wants you to laugh. So watch this.

(3 Clips)
Bowing to Venus Album
Release Party

In early November of 2005, we were treated to an intimate evening with musician / psychotherapist / integral shamaness Willow Pearson, celebrating the release of her new album, Bowing to Venus.

(12 Clips)
Phoenix Perry
Bob Richards

Drawdown explores the relationship between man, machine, environment and the culture of greed in the world. Looking at the body as both a polluted system and a vehicle for enlightenment, we see the human form as an evolving machine empty of meaning in and of itself. In this context, the delusions of ego and self-importance become clear.

(1 Clip)
Contemplative Art Series
In this experimental series of video clips, artist, entrepreneur, and contemplative Robert Richards synthesizes the equanimity of yogic asanas with the sonic intensity of techno music, leading the sensitive viewer into a state of aesthetic and meditative absorption — another instance of the profound integration of spirituality and technology at the cutting edge.....

(4 Clips)

Screaming Witness

Serj Tankian

All For You
Screaming Witness is a collaboration of traveling friends and musicians Tripp Lanier and Alex Gibson. Because they live on opposite coasts, the two come together in a creative space during trips all over the world.

(1 Clip)
Sun Angle Calculator
Serart is the result of a musical collaboration between Serj Tankian (from System of a Down) and Arto Tuncboyaciyan. Sun Angle Calculator features a haunting array of images set to the music of Serart. The short film highlights the worldcentric richness of Serart's music—which includes everything from Middle Eastern melodies to Pan-African rhythms to classical motifs—while also illustrating some of Serj and Arto's deep political concerns.

(3 Clips)
Rory Stitt
Live at the Boulder House
At the end of June, Rory Stitt brought his unimposing piano into the Boulder house living room and blew the Integral Institute staff away with his power, humor and tremendous talent.

(6 Clips)
Live at Trilogy Bar and

In November of 2005, Rory Stitt offered us a special solo performance here in Boulder. The opening act for Willow's release party, we were astonished by Rory's sensitivity and grace, as well as his dynamic songwriting.

(5 Clips)



Wisdom Nuggets
What happens when you mix the voices of leading edge spiritual thinkers with the beats of an evolutionary sound artist? In these "wisdom nuggets," TSO, a.k.a., Benjamin DePauw, gives us soundbytes with depth. Each nugget is around 5 minutes of electronics, evolution, and enlightenment.

(1 Clip)
Integral Art Weekend
Integral Naked and I-I hosted a gathering of some of the finest and best-known artists — integral artists, of course — in order to further explore the nature of an art that integrates body, mind, and spirit in self, culture, and nature: an expression of wholeness, by wholeness, for wholeness.

(3 Clips)
Kenji Williams
Kenji Williams of ABA Structure is a brilliant techno-electronic composer hailed on both sides of the Pacific.

(10 Clips)
On December 12, 2003, at Historic Sweet's Ballroom in Oakland, California, visionary artist Alex Grey and electronic music composer Kenji Williams joined together for an evening of poetry, music, and visual art dedicated to integral consciousness and art.

(2 Clips)
Saul Williams
The Dead Emcee Scrolls
Saul recently came through town for a spoken-word performance at the University of Colorado in Boulder, in support of his recent book The Dead Emcee Scrolls. We were fortunate enough to be able to capture the evening on video, so that we could share with you all.

(4 Clips)
Live at the Boulder Theater,

April 14th, 2005 at the Boulder Theatre, Saul Williams headlined a sold-out night of spoken-word and live music, as a fund-raiser to support the shutdown of existing world slavery.

(5 Clips)
Live at the Fox Theater, 2004
The scene is Boulder, CO, 3 days after the 2004 U.S. presidential elections, and G.W. Bush has won. The nation has accepted the results, but remains sharply divided. The following clips capture the soul of Saul Williams as he sorts through the emotional, political, and spiritual aftermath of an election destined to have a profound impact on the world, for better or for worse....

(7 Clips)

Zayra Yves

Crowned Compassion
Crowned Compassion is a celebration of love by the poet Zayra Yves, who takes the listener on a soulful ride, a cosmic sojourn through time and space, embracing the spiritual and the provincial alike. Her poetry explores the textures of emotion and the sultry passions that animate so much of our reality.

(3 Clips)