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Who is Neal Turley?


Neal Turley is the co-founder of Who is Guy Grand... and the Ringmaster of Xingolati ~ Groove Cruise of the Pacific; a fully-chartered Carnival Cruise Liner transformed into a floating music festival.

Xingolati literally can be translated into "a crossing of the line at the mid point between two polar opposites." Who is Guy Grand... produces live event experiences full of peak experiences and rich with live music, performance, and exaggerated characters. The process begins as an adventure and will evolve into a sensual journey crossing over and dissolving boundaries. They hope to build a community that supports the development of our individual potential and an integral approach to life in the broader global landscape. Who is Guy Grand... uses the magic of music and art to address broader global issues.

Who is Guy Grand... also operates Sustainable Waves Solar-Powered Sound & Staging, a state of the art mobile sound stage with the finest completely stand-alone solar powered sound system in the world.

Their approach to sustainability is to understand the complexity and reality of every day business practices and how they impact our global environment. Their strategy is to engage business leaders to understand their business objectives and work with them and their environmental partners to build solutions that foster sustainable growth.

Who is Guy Grand... strongly supports efforts that create or assign value to the earth's natural resources, stating that "creating value for our natural resources is the best way to preserve them."

Welcome to the next level.

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Neal has appeared on Integral Naked:

Crafting Xingolati: Towards a More Integral Environmentalism.9/26/2005

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