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Who is Zayra Yves?


Zayra Yves grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area in the early 1970’s, listening to the Beat Poets at City Lights and evangelical preachers on Sundays.  She has traveled extensively on pilgrimages to sacred sites around the world and continues to find new ways of expressing the heart.  She recently produced and released her debut poetry and spoken word CD Crowned Compassion.  She is published in numerous print journals and on-line magazines: The Zimbabwe Situation; The Panhandler Quarterly; Voices for Africa; Eyes of the Poet; Reflections IIT Madras (India); Edge Life Magazine and Poetry Life & Times.  More of her poetry is due to be released in Astropoetica and Alehouse Press.  She is a featured guest on the West Marin Community Radio for "House of the Poet" and on SW Radio Africa.  Currently she is in co-creation with Spirit to create her second CD, as well as her first book, both slated to arrive sometime in the Spring of 2007.

Zayra has appeared on Integral Naked:

No Such Thing as "I" in the Universe1/28/2008
Sleep in the Sea Tonight with Me1/28/2008
I Want You1/28/2008
Irregular Heart Beats1/28/2008
Stained with Salt1/28/2008
The Sun is Just a Star1/28/2008
Drowned Cathedral1/28/2008
Eros & the Sea1/28/2008
All at Once1/28/2008
I Am SHE11/27/2006
Born from Heaven11/27/2006
Crowned Compassion11/27/2006

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