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Who is Michael Murphy?


Michael Murphy is co-founder and Chairman of the Board of the Esalen Institute. Murphy was born in Salinas, California, graduated from Stanford University, and lived for a year at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, India. In 1980, he helped initiate Esalen's Soviet-American Exchange Program, which was a premiere diplomacy vehicle for citizen-to-citizen relations, and which played a significant role in breaking down the barriers between the Russian and American peoples. In 1990, Boris Yeltsin's first visit to the U.S. was initiated by the Institute.

Esalen, the world's most famous growth center, is also a ground-breaking research site. Preparatory work for Murphy's groundbreaking book The Future of the Body began in 1977 with the building of an archive of more than 10,000 studies of exceptional human functioning. The archive has been donated to the Stanford University Medical School.

During his thirty-seven year involvement in the human potential movement, Murphy and his work have been profiled in the New Yorker and featured in many magazines and journals worldwide.

Michael's written works include:

Golf in the Kingdom
"...a masterpiece on the mysticism of golf." San Francisco Chronicle

The Kingdom of Shivas Irons
Sequel to Golf in the Kingdom

The Future of The Body
"...transforms our understanding of the body, the psyche, and the spirit." -Sam Keen

Jacob Atabet
This "speculative fiction" tells the story of a San Francisco artist who is engaged in the perilous adventure of transforming his own body.

An End to Ordinary History
This parapsychological thriller describes psychic research in both the U.S. and Russia, and suggests that a common search for hidden human potential can eventually contribute to world peace.

In the Zone
Combing 6,500 sources for stories from professional and amateur athletes, Murphy and co-author Rhea A. White explore extraordinary experience in sports, including moments of illumination and ecstasy, out-of-body experiences, altered perceptions of time and space, and exceptional feats of strength and endurance.

The Physical and Psychological Effects of Meditation
Co-authored with Steve Donovan, this monograph includes essays and summaries by the authors, along with a bibliography listing some 2000 scientific and literary articles on contemplative practice.

The Life We Are Given
Co-authored by George Leonard, draws upon a two-year experiment in human transformation plus the authors' combined 70 years of experience to present a long-term program for realizing the potential of body, mind, heart, and soul.

God and the Evolving Univerise
Co-authored by James Redfield and filmmaker Sylvia Timbers--all three authors join together to offer a hopeful prophecy. Their basic premise is that we have reached an exciting point in history where human evolution and planetary evolution are about to collide, creating an entirely new and spiritually enlightened world.

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