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Who is TSO?


TSO (Transpersonal Systems Officer), a.k.a. Benjamin Grant DePauw, brings a love for complex problem solving, integration, and divine artistry to the party. An accomplished musician, sound engineer, producer, and entrepreneur, TSO is also a dedicated philosopher.

“I began to realize early on that nothing I undertook was ultimately fulfilling except to the extent it was informed by an ever-deepening sense of purpose. So I became more and more interested in the ‘why‘ of experience more than the ‘what‘.”

It was this interest that inspired a solo move at the age of 19 from his birthplace in Virginia to Northern California and the founding of SF Bay Area recording studio, Conscious Sound. Over the next ten years, Conscious Sound produced more than a thousand audio projects across the musical spectrum from Heavy Metal to Hip-Hop, Blues to New Age. Earning a solid reputation for quality service, Conscious Sound expanded to provide audio for video and web, serving clients such as Sega, Hewlett Packard, Fox, and Disney.

Throughout this experience, TSO remained most attracted to artistic projects with metaphysical leanings. As it turned out, this fast-paced immersion in music, technology, business, and spirituality was an ideal classroom for philosophical study.

“There's something miraculous about the convergence of artistic, economic, and technological drives. Much like live theater, where many separate disciplines—writing, music, acting, lighting, costumes, and so on—coalesce as a single event, expressing a self beyond the individual. To me this is the essence of spiritual experience.”

Fueled by increasing passion for deeper exploration in this area, and inspired by the work of Andrew Cohen, Ken Wilber, Don Beck, and others, TSO launched Ursa Minor—an art and media company dedicated to the refinement of consciously-directed inquiry and expression of transcendent awareness within viable business forms. Current projects include culturally-tuned music capsules such as those featured on Integral Naked, music projects such as Lotus Dog, integrally-informed business alliances, organizational tools, and a full-length screenplay.

has appeared on Integral Naked:


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