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Who is Michal Levin?


Describing the work of a gifted intuitive is like trying to pin down intuition itself, an ever-illusive bar of celestial soap that keeps slipping out of one's grip. Such is the challenge in describing the work of Michal Levin.

According to Michal's own accounts, something from a very deep level, a place she did not understand, led her away from a successful media career into a life governed by deep meditation, where she learned to see energies, auric fields and more. She used this "sight" to diagnose her clients' problems, emotional or developmental even more than physical, and to offer healing. It was this very intuition that would ultimately save her own life when she was threatened with a potentially fatal brain tumor. Much to her own confusion, spiritual teachers and Tibetan Buddhist Masters recognized her sublime gifts. Their recognition, and the accompanied encouragement to teach, is what propelled this reluctant intuitive into the limelight.

For those steadfast skeptics, ready to turn cold and roll their eyes in the face of another new age, intuitive healer—you gotta hear this woman. She transforms discussions about spirit guides, chakra development and, yes, even angels, into an enlivening, accessible experience, because she herself is not flying. She is of this earth and uniquely grounded in spiritually democratic principles, a la Luther, encouraging everyone to seek their own direct connection to spirit. She offers intuition as a suggestion, a direction, rather than a directive from the Spirit world. Basically, Michal Levin is an embodied mass of feminine wisdom looking for a place to happen.

She divides her time between the U.S. and the U.K., where she works as an intuitive and a staunch advocate of personal growth in a myriad of ways. She acts as a mentor to some, offering intuitive business advice (she is associated with the Executive Education Faculty at Notre Dame University) and a healer to others. She gives talks and seminars on leadership, intimate relationship, ethics, sex, women's empowerment, business practice, spiritual development and meditation, among other topics. She is an accomplished author and writes her own online newsletter, Heartleads.

Books by Michal Levin:

Meditation, Path to the Deepest Self (Whole Way)
DK Publishing (2002)

Spiritual Intelligence: Awakening the Power of Your Spirituality and Intuition
Hodder & Stoughton General Division (2001)

The Pool of Memory: The Autobiography of an Unwilling Intuitive
Gill & Macmillan Ltd (1999)

Michal has appeared on Integral Naked:

Stepping into Another Reality. Part 2. Discriminating Wisdom in Intuition.8/16/2004
Stepping into Another Reality. Part 1. Spontaneous Awakening. 6/28/2004

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