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Who is Colin Bigelow?

Colin Bigelow was one of the lucky ones. His mother gave him a copy of A Brief History of Everything when he was sixteen, and frankly, it changed his life. That book brought structure and clarity to a deep intuition that until that point had remained cloudy in his mind: When the usual life has been seen to be the source of all suffering, the self it not simply condemned to that fate. The self can choose to abandon that life for life as the only One that remains when all else has fallen away. As that One, the self reawakens to the world and sees only the unbroken reflection of that Unity. Thus, Ken's work made an indelible imprint on Colin's life.

When he was nineteen Colin moved to Boulder, Colorado to see if he could volunteer with Integral Institute. Within four months he was offered a job. Soon he became Ken's personal assistant and he has been intimately involved with the development of Integral Institute, Integral Naked, and Integral University ever since.

Colin attended three semesters of undergraduate philosophy at the University of Colorado before putting school on hold to focus all his attention on his work with I-I.

If you ask him about the future, Colin will admit that he often has trouble deciding what to eat, let alone what to do with his life. Some have suggested that this is because Colin is stuck in Big Mind and has difficulty making relative decisions. Colin has suggested that he has simply lost track of his mind, period, and that there really isn't anything profound about it.

Colin lives in Boulder and when he isn't working or staring blankly into the wall he debates whether to have a bottle of wine, watch a movie, or go walk around on Pearl Street. Most often he never comes to a decision and remains staring blankly at the wall. Oh, well. We all hope that Colin gets a girlfriend, and fast. This can't be healthy....

Colin has appeared on Integral Naked:

Advice to a Young Man on the Spiritual Path…. Part 2. The Many Flavors of Enlightened Awareness.11/15/2004
Advice to a Young Man on the Spiritual Path.... Part 1. Returning to Earth.7/12/2004

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