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Who is Michael Schwartz?

Michael Schwartz is a highly regarded teacher, lecturer, and writer in the areas of art history, aesthetics, education theory, Continental philosophy, and the world‘s religions, with an emphasis on Tibetan Buddhism. Since 1997 he has been Co-director of the Georgia Continental Philosophy Circle

Educated at Rutgers College (BA) and Columbia University (MA, MPhil, PhD), he serves as an Associate Professor in the Department of Fine Arts, Augusta State University. Michael‘s far-reaching interests nurture his enthusiastic participation in the World Humanities Committee, which oversees the design and structure of ASU‘s renowned interdisciplinary World Humanities Program in the core curriculum.

Michael has lectured widely and extensively throughout the United States and Europe. His articles have appeared in leading journals such as The Art Bulletin, The Journal of Aesthetic Education, and Radical Philosophy. He is currently completing a book on Raphael‘s Art of Representation in the Stanza Eliodoro, and has several other book projects in the works, including a monographic study of Nicolas Poussin‘s Healing of the Lame Man and a critical commentary on the philosophies of Martin Heidegger and Michael Foucault.

Michael currently lives in Augusta, Georgia, and makes a special point to express happiness over his life and work. Dedicated to an integral transformative practice, he meditates and exercises daily, and enjoys increasingly active service to his local and extended community. Deeply grateful for the opportunities and circumstances that enable him to grow, heal, and contribute, he imbues his work with a depth that bespeaks his passion for living and learning.

Michael has appeared on Integral Naked:

The Complementary Dance of Art and Economics3/28/2005

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