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Who is Linda Groves-Bonder?


Linda Groves-Bonder is a Senior Teacher of Waking Down in Mutuality and the full lineage co-founder and partner with her husband, Saniel Bonder, in their HEARTgazingâ„¢ and WholeHEART Wayâ„¢ transmissions and teachings. Ken Wilber has called Linda “a brilliant teacher in her own right.”

Even as a young girl, growing up in a large Catholic family in the Midwest, Linda could not reconcile discrepancies she heard from her religious leaders between God‘s limitless grace and his supposed condemnation of sinners. She graduated from Ball State University with degrees in Art Education, Music, and Theater and, on relocating in California, developed careers in these arts.

In her young adulthood, she became an “eclectic” seeker, making profound use of her exposures to many systems, teachings, and practices. An early student of Saniel‘s work, Linda awakened into non-dual, embodied realization of Consciousness in August 1996 and quickly joined him and a few other colleagues as a teacher.

In her own words, Linda has a “compassionate passion” for individual work with student-clients who are truly dedicated to their own awakening and ongoing integration as divinely human beings. She is also one of three Waking Down Senior Teachers responsible for the sensitive, sacred task of conducting dialogues with recently awakened practitioners to help them confirm their transformations.

Linda‘s Mother-like spiritual embrace and holding are the stuff of grateful legend in the Waking Down international network. Her capacity to instruct and “greenlight” people into realized practice of this integrative yoga is matched by her uncommon ability to articulate, and initiate aspirants into, direct exploration and bodily awakening as primordial Awareness.

One of Linda‘s unique contributions to Saniel‘s and her work and the Waking Down in Mutuality teachings is what she calls Six-Step Recognition Yogaâ„¢. This simple yet profound, paradoxical practice evokes an immense trust in the inherent realness and sacredness of all appearing phenomena — including even the worst of our own personal, egoic shadow material, traumatized wound patterns, and so on. Linda has also created a consciousness-based manifestation process called Active Conscious Dreamingâ„¢. This teaching is of great help to those who wish to bring about desired changes in life within the context of, in Integral terms, a high-altitude orientation.

While continuing to work closely with the Waking Down in Mutuality community, Linda and Saniel have also developed their own expressions as a unique team of husband-wife spiritual teachers.

HEARTgazingâ„¢ is their offering of empowering support to all people who can benefit from the primal nurturance of Linda and Saniel‘s Heart-transmission. For Linda, this offering fulfills a deep desire and calling she has felt for years in her work as a spiritual adept — to reach, touch, and inspire the hearts of many, many people, regardless of their beliefs, practices, and other religious and spiritual involvements. This gentle yet profound resource is designed for use by anyone anywhere who hungers to deepen and grow in spiritual faith and all-around personal integrity, wellness, effectiveness, and joy.

For those who desire direct Self-realization, ongoing healing, evolutionary integration, and discovery and fulfillment of their ultimate life-purpose, Saniel and Linda offer The WholeHEART Wayâ„¢ advanced teachings and trainings. This Way‘s flagship teaching-stream and life-path is their Founder‘s Revelation of Waking Down in Mutuality. Its other distinct yet interlinked teachings and life-ways are The Tantra of Trustâ„¢, The Force of Destiny, and Awakened HEART-Shamanismâ„¢.

Recognizing the extreme life-challenges and crises of confidence and trust so many people are facing in today‘s global recession, in 2009 Linda and Saniel are embarking on a Take HEART! Tour to bring their inspiration, encouragement, and direct transmission to others around the U.S. and in other countries. Wherever they go, they will also make pilgrimages to offer their prayers and blessings at significant sacred places and also sites of infamous human tragedy and atrocity.

A charter member of Integral Spiritual Center, Linda Groves-Bonder is also a founding member of Integral Institute and a member of Genpo Roshi‘s Big Mind, Big Heart Advisory Board. She has been a professional jazz and cabaret singer and songwriter, recently sang for more than two years with a popular international touring band, and has a CD of her own jazz standards and original compositions, titled I‘m Here. She also performs vocal toning as a healing therapy and initiatory blessing.

Linda is an ardent lover of living things, both plant and animal, and loves nothing more than feeding the cats, horses, and birds who live with and around Saniel and her at their current home, associated with an equestrian training center and horse boarding ranch in Sonoma, California.


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