Who is John Ince?

“It is his life's mission to broaden our [erotic] repertoire.” —Ottawa Citizen

John Ince is a lawyer, journalist, and co-founder of The Art of Loving, a sexuality center in Vancouver, B.C. He is also the founder of The Erosha School of erotic massage. A member of the Bar for 23 years, he is one of the few lawyers in Canada expert in laws pertaining to sexuality. His victorious 1985 court battle against Canada Customs resulted in the most sweeping changes to Canadian sex media law in a generation.

The author of four other books, including two popular handbooks on environmental law, a best-selling wilderness travel guide, and a book on real estate, Ince’s articles have appeared in over a dozen magazines and newspapers in Canada and the United States.

He is a frequent public speaker who lectures at college campuses and leads sexual enhancement seminars. His controversial performance productions, such as Public Sex, Art and Democracy, attract international media attention.

The Politics of Lust is the product of Ince’s twenty years of path breaking work in the field of human sexuality.

John has appeared on Integral Naked:

The Politics of Lust. Part 2. The Many Levels of Sex-Positivity.7/10/2006
The Politics of Lust. Part 1. Power, Hierarchy, and (Non)Monogamy.6/12/2006