Who is Susanne Cook-Greuter?


Susanne Cook-Greuter is internationally known as the leading expert in mature ego development and self-actualization.  She does ongoing research and development on the Sentence Completion Test.  She leads trainings in the Leadership Development Framework and introductions and certification training for SCT-scorers.  She collaborates with other consultant in bringing the developmental perspective into corporations and executive teams.

Her clients appreciate her for her dedication, creativity and joyful, subtle inquiry as well as for her profound knowledge of the adult development field.

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Susanne has appeared on Integral Naked:

Telling the Story of Development.  Part 2.  Where We Are Today, Who We Might Be Tomorrow.6/11/2007
Telling the Story of Development.  Part 1.  Zürich to Cambridge.5/21/2007
Stages 6 & 7: Strategist and Magician.  Part 2.4/30/2007
Stages 6 & 7: Strategist and Magician.  Part 1.4/16/2007
Stage 5: Individualist4/2/2007
Stage 4: Achiever3/26/2007
Stage 3: The Expert3/19/2007
Stages 1 & 2: Opportunist and Diplomat3/12/2007
Introduction to Ego Development3/5/2007