Who is Paul Salamone?


Paul Salamone is the CEO of Plunge Artist, LLC, a design and coaching firm specializing in small businesses and start-ups. He is also a writer, performer, musician, and comedian active in the local Denver-Boulder arts community.

Before forming Plunge Artist with his business partner Gwen Bell, Paul served as the senior graphic designer for Integral Institute for three years. During this time he was instrumental in the design of the Integral Life Practice Kit, along with many other I-I ventures including Integral Naked and IN Premier.

Paul's work combines a solid reverance for the fundamentals of traditional design -- color, typography, visual heirarchy -- with a tendency towards experimentation in both form and content. Paul's quest is to use the medium of visual communication as a platform for exploring the outer limits of an evolving universe.

When he isn't setting impossible creative goals, Paul also finds time to unwind by singing karaoke and moshing to Lightning Bolt. He has no cats.

Paul has appeared on Integral Naked:

The RGB Series4/30/2007