Who is Emilio Martinez?


Sitting at a point in the Kosmos where idiocy and genius intersect, Emilio lives the life of the wise fool.

To that end, Emilio has been working the streets of Samsara, looking for the dumbest injunctions, testing them out, and reporting the results as an act of love to the world. Highlights include a night in jail, a stay in a mental hospital, and several ugly episodes in Las Vegas. But because of his undying efforts to go where angels fear to tread, thousands of lives have been touched and many bad choices reconsidered.

All in all, where other fools get lost in all this mess by asking "what's the point?," Emilio never fails to find the point by asking "where's the spirit?"

Emilio's current projects include "What's The Point?: A Common Cure For the Existential Nightmare," his one-man stage extravaganza, "The Wise Guy," an e-mail newsletter with ITP tips for real people, and "What Is Your (I)point?," a workbook to help others discover their unique being-in-the-world. He has performed with the famous and infamous for the past 20 years and will fill in the details if you take him out to dinner.

He currently resides in Denver with his wife and two children, who are grateful that his foolishness has not gotten him killed.

Emilio has appeared on Integral Naked:

Crazy Wisdom Bob7/17/2006
Are You in Duality with Your Spirituality?5/31/2004