Who is Kevin Peer?


Kevin is a 47 year-old native of Illinois. When he was 13 his family left the midwest and moved to South Florida, where Kevin soon discovered the vast and mysterious wilderness called the Everglades. When not doing the restless teen thing in the suburbs of Miami he was out catching rattlesnakes and photographing alligators in his beloved marshland. In time both the human and the wild took residence in his being, and have remained there ever since.

Through his work as a documentary filmmaker Kevin has been honored to share the company of such diverse beings as grizzly bears and Buddhist masters, fish mongers and nomadic African tribes. When not making films, Kevin teaches workshops and classes in 'Sacred Cinema', an approach to non-fiction filmmaking combining techniques he learned as a National Geographic director/cameraman with insights gleaned from many spiritual and psychological traditions.

Kevin enjoys getting lost in the woods, oil painting, and photographing with his fiance' Rosa. A long time spiritual seeker within many traditions including Mystical Christianity, Zen and Vajrayana, he has finally surrendered to the fact that the present moment is a good place to be.

Kevin has appeared on Integral Naked:

Water, Earth, Fire, Air5/2/2005