Who is Devon Bryant?

One thing that has been said about the art of Devon Bryant, is that it's so familiar, and yet there is nothing else like it. His artwork explores many interrelated concepts, such as Gothic architecture, alchemy, Yaqui knowledge, cymatics, Tibetan thankas, sacred geometry, Integral theory, Pythagorean tones, Zen koans, Sufi calligraphy, crop circles, music of the spheres, fractals, Tantric yantras, dowsing, harmonic resonance, meditation, and various subtle energy systems. "I try to draw from as many traditions as possible, so as to highlight the deep commonalities, but my art offers more than just mental maps and symbols to be deciphered. I make every effort to create work that will reach beyond the mind and reverberate in the viewers Deepest Being."

Devon grew up in Marion, MA and graduated in 2004 with a BFA from the Studio for Interrelated Media, a unique, free-form major at Mass Art in Boston. That same year he married the love of his life, Cecilia Mares-Muños, and he currently lives with her and their two cats, Yerba and Rock, in Portland, OR. He enjoys organic gardening, hiking, reading, and free wireless internet. Devon's work has been displayed in the numerous galleries, chapels, spiritual centers, and cafes. His images have been featured in the book, Eyes of the Soul, by Phil Rubinov-Jacobson; the E-zine: “The Manifest”; and Perceptions Magazine, as well as many locations on the internet. He can be contacted at clearvoid_studios@hotmail.com.

Devon has appeared on Integral Naked:

Measure of All Things1/1/2007
Released Spirit6/13/2005