Who is Craig Cavaluzzi?


Craig Cavaluzzi was born in Brooklyn NY in 1951, one of two children in a middle class Italian American family. Being of a non-ordinary temperament and mind-set he did not enjoy his early schooling much at all and subsequently immersed himself in the counter-culture of the day, which was the nineteen-sixties. At the age of 17 Craig found himself restructuring, transforming and otherwise rewiring his nervous system with certain multi-dimensional twists, turns, and mutations.

With his new found awareness he wanted to live close to the natural elements so he and friend Barry Bell and family in 1971 set out to live in the forest of British Columbia, but instead found himself living here and there, from the Oregon coast to Hawaii to New York and round again a few times. Fortunately he had learned the old craftsman style art of fine Navaho jewelry making from friend Barry Bell and was able to develop his creative abilities while earning an ample living. He continued to create Jewelry for 5 years. After returning from his first trip to Hawaii, (1972) he found himself impelled to spontaneous, inspirational writing, an activity that he continues up to the present. He is planning a first volume of written works soon.

In 1971 he adopted a vegetarian lifestyle and by 1975 began a 30 year career creating art in the form of healthy meals for private individuals as well as working in various great restaurants of that era including, The Pumpkin Eater restaurant, Gary Nulls Fertile Earth restaurant, and others. From 1983 to 1991 Craig served as private chef to the 1960’s Activist and counter-culture icon Jerry Rubin.

Throughout his years he created art mostly in the form of drawings and then in 1997 discovered the world of digital graphic art, since that time and up to the present, he has continued to develop his understanding of the craft as well as the possibilities. Cavaluzzi views the process (Digital Art) as painting with light, and feels that it lends itself to his other-worldly subject matter. For added dimension, he is experimenting with oil on Giclee. Eventual plans for bringing together words and image and finally music which Craig has devoted years to as well into multi-media spirit/art statements will manifest.

He and partner Scott W. Goldy are owners of the Zone gallery, which is in the Daytona Beach area, and was created in 2001. The Gallery came into being as a vehicle for Cavaluzzi’s art and later extended to accommodate other artists to display their work as well as take advantage of the fine art Giclee printing services that the Gallery provides. From 1992 to the present, Craig and his wife Socorro and three children have been residing in FL.

Craig has appeared on Integral Naked:

Beginning Visions8/8/2005