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Robert Kegan
The Harvard-trained developmental psychologist and author of the classic The Evolving Self....

John Mackey
Chairman and CEO of Whole Foods, John is actively applying an Integral framework to busniness management....

Father Thomas Keating
The originator of Centering Prayer and one of the foremost teachers of Contemplative Christianity....

Tami Simon
The founder and president of Sounds True, an audio/ video/music publisher dedicated to disseminating spiritual wisdom, North America's leading publisher of spoken-word spiritual teachings.

Genpo Roshi
The creator of the powerful Big Mind Process, allowing anyone to experience a more universal consciousness in a relatively short amount of time....

Mo Collins and Stuart DavisThe Many Levels of Laughter
Darren Aronofsky and Stuart DavisThe Fountain and The Cure for Altitude Sickness
Ken Wilber and Stuart DavisEscaping Flatland. Part 1. Tragedy, Terrorism, and the VA Tech Massacre
Carmel Vaisman and Ken WilberAn Interview With Haim Hacerim. Part 1. The Integral Approach.
Steve Brill and Ken WilberWho Is Frank Huddy? Part 1. Ducks, Drillbits, and a More Integral Hollywood.

Stuart DavisThe Stuart Davis Show. The Pilot: Open Marriage, Open Wound
Susanne Cook-GreuterIntroduction to Ego Development
Warren FarrellFreeing Sexual Roles
Stuart DavisThe Stuart Davis Show. Epidode 10: Tragedy at VA Tech
Saul WilliamsBlack Stacey

James Turner and Ken Wilber

The Integral-Political Imperative.
Part 1. The Nader Years.

A founding pioneer in more Integral forms of law, politics, and federal regulation shares how he got his start applying the concepts of an infamous political activist to all areas of our modern economic society, offers a fascinating glimpse into 18th-century American political history, and suggests how a more Integral Politics can illuminate and enlighten even the realm of bureaucracy….

Ken Wilber
Bodhisattvas in Hell

According to all the world's great wisdom traditions, the secret to happiness is said to be remarkably simple: all we need to do is cherish others, to learn to love as deeply as we possibly can, to the bottomless depths of our souls. These words, however, are as easy to read as they are to write—truly opening ourselves to another human being, seeing through another's eyes and feeling another's heartbeat as our very own, is to embrace the impossible pain of existence. After all, beneath the veneer of day to day life, we all know the same hidden dread, the desperation and loneliness we were all born into. And through the sacred channel of human empathy, the veils of comfort, desire, and separation begin fall away, slowly revealing the true face of the manifest world: suffering.

Where then, in the sulphur and shadow of this uniquely human hell, is our "happiness" to be found? Effortlessly we watch as the question undoes itself, and the flames of our suffering become just another texture of our salvation—the cool waters of liberation caresses our calloused skin, and together we can finally awaken from this nightmare.

Alex Grey and Kenji Williams
World Spirit: Progress of the Soul (Remastered)

On December 12, 2003, at Historic Sweet's Ballroom in Oakland, California, visionary artist Alex Grey and electronic music composer Kenji Williams joined together for an evening of poetry, music, and visual art dedicated to integral consciousness and art. The event, called World Spirit, culminated in a DVD which Ken Wilber has called "a beautiful, brilliant, exhilarating multimedia presentation of sacred art and music."

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Olga Spiegel: Psycherealism & The Mind's Eye
              Posted 12.03.07

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