This section features video clips of your favorite IN guests. These clips are taken from a wide variety of events, largely focusing on leading spiritual and intellectual illuminati as they share their integral views and approaches to both personal transformation and real world problems.

Saniel and Linda Bonder
  Barrett Brown
Waking Down
Saniel and Linda explain to an audience at the Organizational Leadership Seminar in the fall of 2004 that practice isn't about philosophy or practice, it's about you and me. There isn't a way according to a certain teacher, it's the way according to yourself—and that's what teachers should really teach.

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Communicating Integral

In order to communicate something as complex and nuanced as ecology and sustainability to the world, we must first understand the many levels of development individuals grow through. This helps us to better step into people's perspectives, allowing us to communicate in a way they can truly resonate with.

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Andrew Cohen
Evolution, Morality, and
Spiritual Development

Andrew Cohen and Ken Wilber met in Boulder for an in-depth conversation on the meaning of evolution, morality, and spiritual development in a postmodern age.

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The Pandit and the Guru
Pandit Ken Wilber and Guru Andrew Cohen sit in and weigh in on some heavy topics. Is Spirit itself Evolving? Does God need our Help? Andrew exhorts the audience to stop catering to the cantankerous ego and get serious about spiritual life while Ken weaves the integral framework into the mix.

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Susanne Cook-Greuter
  Lama Surya Das
Ego Development
Internationally known as the leading expert in the field of human transformation and self actualization, here is Susanne's fascinating lecture on the stages of ego development.  This is a wonderful series to plug into the cognitive module of your Integral Life Practice!

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An Afternoon With Lama
Surya Das

In the following clips, Surya responds to questions about spirituality in the contemporary world. How is the student-teacher relationship different (and the same) in a post-traditional culture? And, what is the relation of spiritual events to a spiritual life?

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David Deida
  Warren Farrell
A Seminar on Sexual Yoga
In this raucous, free-flowing, and wholly spontaneous sequence of clips, Deida takes the audience through a series of thought experiments, demonstrations, and personal reflections on the experiences of yogic sexuality and intimate communion.

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Integral Sex and Gender

Author and speaker Warren Farrell is a man who's done his homework, bringing both masculine and feminine perspectives to our understanding of sex and gender.

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Clint Fuhs
  David Johnston
Introduction to AQAL
For most of our seminars, we offer an elective introductory session the day before, which covers the bases of integral theory for those who wish to be caught up with the most current version of the model before the seminar begins. These "Intro Days" are often led by our very own Clint Fuhs, making his debut appearance on Integral Naked.

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Integral Sustainability

This talk was recorded in September 2006 at the Integral Sustainability Conference. Can Capitalism and Environmentalism be compatible? With an integral perspective, anything is possible....

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Father Thomas Keating
Integral Christianity
Ken and Father Thomas Keating dialogued for almost 4 hours in front of a packed house at the Westin Tabor Center in Denver on April 24th, 2006. The crowd was alternately in stiches at numerous, hilarious exchanges, and silent in the face of the depth and profundity of the sharing.

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Centering Prayer: Its Origin,
Practice, and Contribution to an
Integral Spirituality

In this series of videos Father Thomas Keating and Ken Wilber discuss the history of Fr. Keating’s spiritual path.

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Integral Christianity Seminar With Brother David Steindl-Rast
The following was recorded at the first-ever Integral Contemplative Christianity seminar, an absolutely historic event that took place in October 2006. The seminar was led by Father Thomas Keating, a true forefather of interfaith dialogue in the 20th and 21st century.

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Fred Kofman
Integral Consciousness
Seminar—February 2005

As part of the Integral Consiousness Seminar this February, Fred Kofman explains the difference between being "responsible" for your actions and being “response able” in the face of whatever arises in your actions by asking yourself, "What is my dharma in this situation?"

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Authentic Communication
This series of clips was taken from an Integral Consciousness seminar led by Fred Kofman in February 2005.

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Huy Lam
(with Jeff Salzman)
Bert Parlee

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Integral Organizational
Leadership Seminar—August

Bert Parlee has been teaching with I-I for over 3 years, and has been part of the curriculum development team for the Psychotherapy and Business seminars. In the following series, recorded at the Integral Organizational Leadership Seminar in August 2006, he offers a practical introduction to the theory and practice of Integral Leadership.

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Mark Palmer (With Terry Patten)

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Terry Patten
Renegade Gurus and Tantric Dynamics
What does it mean to live an authentic Spiritual life—to live the One Taste of radical Reality? In this video clip, recorded after the Integral Consciousness Seminar in February 2005, I-I trainer Terry Patten shares his experience of One Taste. Unconfined to merely the bright or blissful aspects of life, One Taste is a devotional fire that shines through both the nondual and the dualistic faces of Reality — as that Reality.

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Fun With ILP
In June of 2006 vetern seminar trainer Terry Patten got the gang together for an evening he called "Fun With ILP." The result is this series of clips about integrating heart and head. Terry studied with Adi Da for 15 years and his commitment to opening the vehicle of the human body through estatic practice shines through his teaching....

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Shawn Phillips
  Genpo Roshi
Focus Intensity Training
Shawn Phillips and Rob McNamara have developed a unique and integral method of strength-training, called Focused Intensity Training (or FIT for short). Designed to provide a more integral approach to physical training, one of the unique aspects of FIT is its conscious engagement of gross, subtle, and causal bodies.

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Big Mind Video Series
Big Mind is not other than who you are at this very moment. To get us to realize this, many spiritual paths and techniques call us to go beyond the ego, into its source or ground. And rightly so. However, what an integral approach would suggest—and what we find wonderfully exemplified in Genpo Roshi's Big Mind Process—is that in order to transcend the ego, we must include it as well. In order to go beyond—in order to taste the spaceless, timeless Reality—we must integrate what is with us here and now, in space and time.

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Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi
  Tami Simon
An Introduction to Integral
Kabbalah: Study, Prayer, and

Kabbalah—the mystical branch of Judaism—is concerned with the ultimate knowledge of God. In this series of clips from a gathering in Boulder, Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi—one of the world’s foremost proponents of Integral Kabbalah—discusses with Ken three of the main practices within their tradition that constitute the means of this knowledge: Study, Prayer, and Meditation.

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The Practice of Integral

At the recent Integral Institute seminar on Integral Business, Tami Simon and Ken Wilber held a dialogue for an intimate audience of seminar participants and guests. In this series of clips, Tami speaks about running an integral business in the real world, from spirit to the bottom line.

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Brother Wayne Teasdale
  Lucinda Vardey
The Mystic Heart:
Contemplative Christianity at
the Edge of the Integral Age

In this dialogue series, Brother Wayne Teasdale and Ken Wilber discuss the advent of an integral mysticism in the postmodern world. Reflecting on their own spiritual experiences, the relation of science to spirituality, the lives of the great inter-spiritual pioneers, and how youth culture is revitalizing the mystical traditions....

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Talking With God

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Roger Walsh
A Karma Yoga Seminar
During a summer visit to the Denver\Boulder area, Roger generously offered an intimate, enlightening gift to the local Integral community, A Karma Yoga Seminar. We invite you to enjoy Roger's wit, sincerity and heart as he brings illumined awareness to the mystery of our daily, workaday lives, to both the sacred and the profane, and everything in between.

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Ethical Living Series
Integral Institute was recently honored to host its very own Roger Walsh for an exquisite, deeply revealing talk on Ethics. As an opening act, Roger was joined by Ken Wilber, his colleague and dear friend, who delivered the graceful introduction.

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Ken Wilber
Integral Studies Series
Loquacious, ever sociable Ken Wilber—from informal salons with integral artists and university students, to Integral Institute seminars with people from all walks of life, Ken has an irrepressible, divine passion—Get Integral out there!

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What is Integral Politics?
We think that this twenty-minute summary is brilliant, insightful, deadly serious, and wickedly funny, all at once. But by all accounts it is an extraordinary account of why all politics today are considerably less-than-integral, along with certain features that almost certainly would have to be included in the future in any truly integral politics.

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Dharmapalooza Q&A:
Integral Life Practice

In June of 2004, Stuart Davis held his second-annual Dharmapalooza festival for seventy-five or so of his most obsessive fans, who convened in Boulder for an extended weekend of workshops, dinners, talks, and performances. Among the presenters was Ken Wilber, who took questions from the audience and gave his view of what an integral lifestyle is all about.

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Integral Organizational
Leadership Seminar

Integral Leadership, non-Integral Leadership...does it matter? Please enjoy a few catch-all, mindjazz Q & A clips with Ken Wilber and friends from Integral Institute's first Integral Organizational Leadership Seminar.

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Following a powerful Big Mind session led by Genpo Roshi, Ken uses the integral framework to help contextualize the group's collective state of everpresent consciousness. Having such an integral map allows for a spirituality which fully acknowledges the presense of states, stages, and shadows, lending towards a truly cutting-edge and comprehensive spirituality, the likes of which has never before in the history of the world been possible—until now.....

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Integral Life Practice
Q&A—August, 2005

This series of clips was taken from an Integral Life Practice seminar in August 2005.

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Integral Psychotherapy

This series was taken from a 2004 Integral Psychotherapy seminar.  Some of these clips are included in the Integral Life Practice Starter Kit—for more information, click here.

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Integral Spirituality Book

In 2006, Ken released the ground-breaking book Integral Spirituality, offering an unparalleled vision of spirituality that honors the truths of modernity and postmodernity — including the revolutions of science and culture — while incorporating the essential insights of the great pre-modern spiritual traditions. The following clips were recorded at a rare public signing for Integral Spirituality in November 2006.

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Integral Consciousness
Seminar—April 2005

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Michael Zimmerman
Integral Ecology and

Recorded at Integral Institute's first Ecology and Sustainability seminar, these clips provide an introduction to integral ecological awareness. The premise of Integral Ecology is simple: only by using a better map of ourselves will we be able to help save Gaia. Not an easy task! But one made easier, we hope, by using an integral map....

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Buddhism: Its Strengths and Weaknesses in the Modern World
Buddhism has brought an enormous amount of care and insight to our understanding of the human condition. As one of the world's great Wisdom Traditions, it is truly an invaluable resource to anyone interested in learning about some of the highest potentials for human life. We invite you to join us for a preliminary exploration of Buddhism in the world today, featuring some of the best thinkers and brightest teachers in the Buddhist tradition.

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