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Integral Institute is dedicated to the proposition that partial and piecemeal approaches to complex problems are ineffective. Whether addressing individual and personal issues of meaning and transformation, or increasingly complex social problems such as war, hunger, and education, partial and fragmented approaches need to be replaced by solutions that are more comprehensive, systematic, encompassing—and integral.

Integral Institute, a non-profit organization, has a number of job and volunteer opportunities available. Come step into the fire of a passion-fueled organization on the leading edge of something fresh.  If you are interested in joining the premier integral think tank of our times, please take a look at our opportunities below.  Please send resumes to

Part-Time Marketing Manager

The marketing manager is responsible for strategic planning, trafficking, and execution of marketing/branding objectives for Integral Institute.  Education and experience in marketing, strong organizational skills, and attention to detail required.Html skills helpful.

Part-Time Marketing Assistant

This position includes various facets of marketing and advertising including market research, online advertising, direct mail, and brand development. The marketing assistant should expect to interact with members of various Integral Institute departments to determine business needs and execute tasks and will also have the opportunity to develop surveys, press releases, articles, brochures, newsletters and more for Integral Institute and all its offerings.

Experienced Fundraiser

This position is responsible for the design and implementation of an effective, comprehensive fund-raising/grant writing program that is consistent with Integral Institute’s strategic plan.

HTML Programmer

HTML programmer needed to support all branches of I-I in front end web programming. This position Codes HTML for web pages, emails, and any other HTML functions. XHTML/CSS coding, Basic Graphics manipulation, ASP, Adobe GoLive & Photoshop skills required.

Volunteers Appreciated!!

Here's your chance to make I-I part of your Integral Life Practice! Integral Institute has many opportunities available for karma yoga.  Skilled, passionate folks are invited to offer their services. Please reply to

Volunteer Coordinator

The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for organizing and directing volunteers in their efforts to support the goals of the Integral Institute.  They will manage communication between staff and volunteers to ensure the best possible match between organizational needs and volunteer capabilities.
IN Gathering in Vancouver: June 7-13 20062006-01-18T02:39:44Z

On the old forum I started a poll/thread proposing an [link=]Integral Naked Gathering in Vancouver in 2006[/LINK].  This idea was enthusiastically embraced by a significant number of people, so it's happening, baby!

[LINK=]Robert Augustus Masters[/LINK] has agreed to do a [link=]special 1-day workshop[/link] for IN members who attend the gathering.

Additional activities are being planned, and there has been some discussion about accomodations (e.g. some people can crash at my place, and some people are making other arrangements).

I hope that many people will show up, the more the merrier.  Please post if you are definitely planning to attend, might, wish you could etc.  Contrary to what I was saying earlier in the thread, I don't think we will need to put a limit on how many people can show up - but it will be [i]very helpful[/i] to know a while in advance how many people are likely to show up.

Further activities etc. will be planned on this thread. Please share any ideas here. [:D]


Meditation Advice? My train of thought is stuck on random shuffle, and it doesn't stop at the Station of Now2006-03-23T17:43:49Z everyone, it's been awhile since I've posted, I hope you all are doing well. [:)]

After years of passing interest and flaky attempts, I have finally started a meditation practice that seems to stick.  However, I am running into some frustrating issues.  Here's  list:

1) During morning meditation, I am unable to achieve focus.  My mind will revolve around things I need, things to do, what to wear, etc. even if I have already settled these issues.  Or, it will replay bits from a TV show, an argument with a loved one, or my latest favorite musical track.  I will bring my awareness to these things that arise, but while being conscious of them, something else will be humming in my unconscious, and there's something else behind that, ready to take its place.  It's like an unending river of synaptic crap, and it stresses me out. [:|] What's a good way to deal with stuff like this?

2) At night, I start to fall asleep! [|-)] I have heard that as people relax into their meditation experience, their spines straighten and they become ultra aware.  This is the opposite of my experience.  I'll realize I'm slouching, correct my posture, and repeat the process in 5 minutes.  Does anyone else deal with the sleepies, and what's an appropriate way to fend them off during meditation?

3) At the moment, I am practicing solo.  I would love to be a part of a sangha, or have a teacher, and I am taking steps to bring those things into my life.  In the interim, does anyone know of any newsletters, websites, etc. that I may read about and possibly post specific questions like this?  I wanted to come to you venerated integralites first, since I deeply value the integral approach. [:D]

I am writing this because I have seen such wonderful results from starting this practice; my life has gone from gloomy, pointless prison to a beautiful celebration of joy in a startlingly short amount of time.  I know I'm on the right track with this.  But I know myself too, and I don't want my frustrations to get the best of me and slip into a slow, neglecful decline.  Thanks so much in advance.

With Love,
Entheogens as Part of an Integral Path2006-03-25T15:50:47Z

In [link=]another thread[/link] Bruce/Antlion brought up

[quote]But what about continuing this discussion on 'nootropics', psychedelics, marijuana (entheogens in general) as brief forays into meditative states...if used in moderation (so that you are simply not feeding the ego on a continual basis), they may be used as a learning tool (or jump start) to 'achieve' a stronger non-dual level?[/quote]

This is a big topic which has been much discussed at various times, so I'm starting a new thread on it.

So, Bruce, would you like to get the ball rolling?  Any thoughts, feelings, experiences involving this topic you'd like to share?


Ahoy hoy!2006-03-26T14:57:04Z keep odd hours these days, so I figured it'd be a good time to wander back over to the IN forum and see what's shakin. Love the new forum software, by the way! How's everyone been? I graduated in December, and have since been running a small business (a hookah bar, of all things). Spiritually, I've been under the unofficial tutelage of a Theravada teacher, which has been exceptionally rewarding.

Don't know what else to say, really... I'll just hop into ongoing discussions when something seems interesting. Big hugs and hellos to Rhonda, Tam, Mary, Arthur, Leela, and the rest of the old schoolers! [:)]

Integral Activism2006-03-27T01:04:32Z started a new thread, which like many other threads is born from themes in other threads.

I started this thread with the intent to put II on notice. It's kinda my version of Martin Luther posting on a church door.

As many of you know, I'm a true believer in the goodness of the green meme and I corollate activism, NGOs and non-profits with green. It is my intent to start a non-profit group. I may name it, Integral Activism. I will do this with or without the help of II.

I will ask for donations and will distribute most of the proceeds to other non-profit organizations. Basicly, I just want to be a fundraiser for good causes, an agent of the Good to the best of my abilities. Agents of Goodness? Part of those proceeds could go to II, who knows?

Anyhow, I thought that if I started a new thread, I could publicly declare my intent in a manner that effectively documents the event.

It takes a lot of time and energy trying to figure-out who to support and how to distribute one's charity. If life has you by the short and curlies and you haven't exercised your healthy included green, then just send money to the agents of goodness at www.integralactivism.something.  Indulgences kindly accepted.

Okay, I'll give ya a link that really works:
IN Book Club: The Translucent revolution2006-01-16T09:24:01Z'm reposting the start of the thread, as I have it saved. Hopefully one or two others may be making progress with the book.

Translucence is bringing about a gentle yet profound revolution in human consciousness. Millions of people from all walks of life are experiencing a deep change in awareness, an experience marked by a new sense of well-being, and increasing joy in life, a diminishing of fear - including fear of death - and a natural impulse to serve the world in a real way. This book describes this awakening and offers readers opportunities to cultivate and encourage translucence in their own lives.



There’s a lot to say about this book and I imagine there will be a full discussion emerging soon. For me, it just seemed PRACTICAL, a look at what lived presence or spirituality can look like when it comes down off the mountain top. I doubt it will be any surprise to those of you who know me at all that I find the masculine spiritual tradition remote and isolating. This books talks about an engaged, active, thoughtful and thoroughly meaningful involvement in life. Not a rejection of or separation from the world at large. It’s involved, present and playful.

As the book progresses, it plays a game of debunking spiritual myths. I think I cheered at almost every one of them, and blushed occasionally as I recognised how far some of them had entered my own assumptions along the way, at least for a time. What a blessed relief to be rid of so much dead wieght! More thoughts on some of these later, perhaps, but here’s the list.

Ardagh’s Spiritual Myth’s List

  1. After a spiritual awakening, there is no more ego and personality traits disappear completely. What remains is just a homogenous oneness with everything.
  2. Awake people are not identified with the personality and therefore have no interest in changing it.
  3. Awake people have no sense of a separate doer. Therefore they do not initiate action, but sit quietly doing nothing and wait for things to happen by themselves.
  4. People who are awake do not have feelings, particularly "negative" ones like anger, fear, jealousy or greed. Instead, they are always calm, in an unchanging state, feeling an unbroken oneness with everything.
  5. You have to choose between feelings and presence. When you have feelings, you have lost who you are.
  6. Awakened people do not need anything from anyone. They do not have relationships, since they feel oneness with everything.
  7. It does not matter what you say or do. Once you are enlightened, every action, even lying or manipulating is spontaneously for the good of all beings.
  8. After an awakening there is only peace and harmony with everyone, with no need to do anything. Translucent relationships are always harmonious.
  9. Sex is an event of the lower chakras. Awakened people have transcended sex. Sexual energy completely disappears with awakening.
  10. Awake people automatically have open and flowing sex, without the need for any practice.
  11. Having children is a distraction to spiritual life. Like Buddha, Jesus and all the great masters, you must choose between family life and spiritual freedom.
  12. After an awakening, all the negative influences from your family will dissolve through divine grace. You will spontaneously know how to be a perfect partner.
  13. Awakened people are naturally creative. Great art flows through them spontaneously, without any need for formal training or skills.
  14. Spiritually awake people would have no need to paint, write poetry, or make music; those are all just activities of the restless mind.
  15. After a spiritual awakening there is no need to learn anything; you already are everything.
  16. Business and spirituality are two separate arenas of life; it’s inappropriate and embarrassing to mix the two.
  17. After any kind of spiritual awakening, money will flow easily and effortlessly into your life, with little or no effort.
  18. Money corrupts. Anyone with real spiritual integrity should not be concerned with money, success or the world.
  19. Awakened people are always in perfect health; they never get sick.
  20. Those awake to their real nature have spontaneous healing powers. Like Jesus, they can cause the sick to rise up and walk.
  21. After an awakening, no-one needs psychotherapy; there is no ego and no personal life remaining.
  22. Awakened people are beyond attachment to the body. They have no care if it lives or dies.
  23. After a spiritual awakening, there is no more need for religion. All churches are just for sheep to blindly follow rules.
  24. Only very few people in all history have ever known real spiritual experience. The rest of us must be content with a contact high.
  25. There is a specific state, in the future, that you can aspire to, where evolution is complete. Then you will flatline and nothing will ever happen again. Till then, you know nothing.
  26. Spiritual people are beyond the mundane activities of the world; they re just one with what is. Politics and activism are dirty and ignorant.
  27. Everything is happening on its own. There is nothing you can do, and no doer anyway. Nostradamus said there would be a big war, followed by two thousand years of peace. The Mayans support this, and so did the tea leaves in ,my cup this morning. Involvement in the ways of the world is just interfering with the divine plan.
  28. We are entering a golden age; all we have to do is to mediatate and to love each other and chant Om and the world’s problems will evaporate automatically.
  29. Capitalists and big corporations are evil. We need an armed insurrection; we can overthrow the oppressors, and the enlightened ones will rule supreme. The worls can only be changed through militant political insurrection.



Integral Life Practice Starter Kit2006-01-26T04:12:13Z
It appears as though the ILP Starter Kit is ready for delivery. The Shambhala website has changed its description from "not yet printed" to "usually ships within 24-48 hours". Could this be the Ken Wilber Secret Decoder Ring (TM) that I have been awaiting?

Seriously, I am pleased that they are ready. I assume that the I-I technical staff have had their hands full with preparing the "starter Kit" material and expanding the websites at the same time. Thank you for your efforts.

Integral and Addiction/Recovery2006-02-01T05:19:08Z friend has requested me to help find any interesting and helpful links to material about applying Integral principles in working with addiction and recovery

Yes, that's a pretty broad topic, but please lay it on if you've got it!

Might cover topics such as:
- 4 quadrant recovery
- Integral developmental models (various lines) and recovery
- Addiction as related to vmemetic entries, embodiments, exits and transitions (and resistance to such)
- 12 step process remapped for each vmeme

Know anyone working with this stuff using Integral ideas?

IN Book Club: Darkness Shining Wild2006-01-16T09:31:32Z haven't read the book yet, as I started with Translucents.

I'm reposting the start of the DSW thread as it has really taken off and I'm sure that will continue. Can I leave it to Arthur, Michael or Mary to make links, summarise or copy over as you think appropriate? I can't judge what's most important as I haven't read the book yet, and anyway can't log in to the old forum. Just felt I should do something to get this place going, other than moaning!

Book Description
DARKNESS SHINING WILD is an investigation of sanity, suffering, identity, death, and the far frontiers of spirituality, all constellated around the story of an extremely harrowing near-death experience. The hellish journey following that experience provides a jumping-off point for deep-diving reflections on topics ranging from the anatomy of dread to the relationship between madness and spirituality.

The odyssey to the heart of hell and beyond that centers DARKNESS SHINING WILD provides not a consoling cartography of the transpersonal, but rather a reality-unlocking tour of the everwild Mystery of Being, in which revelation supplants explanation. DARKNESS SHINING WILD is especially suited for those who, having left the shores of the status quo, are discovering that the waters they are crossing have no obligation to remain benign or comfortable. It may also inspire those who, despite having done considerable psychospiritual work, nonetheless find themselves "sinking" into darkness.


The Integral Multiplex And Green Meme Inefficiency2006-03-24T14:35:46Z[quote]And theoretically, all 20% or 25% of the population that is now at green could literally move into second tier, and I guarantee you if that happens, it will be a cultural revolution unprecedented in history. (I hope any of my own boomeritis is not creeping in here....)

Shambhala: Do you think all 25% will transform?

KW: No, I don't. But there's another factor that needs to be taken into account. Evidence suggests that, when it comes to task completion, yellow is approximately ten times more efficient than green, if for no other reason than that endless processing doesn't derail the endeavor.

That means that if even a small percentage of the population is at yellow, because it is so much more flexible and fluid and effective than green, it could have an enormous impact. Thus, if the percentage of people at second tier goes from 2% to, say, 5%, we will see some major changes. If the percentage of people at second tier goes to 10%, it will be a massive, and I mean massive, cultural shift. [/quote]

After reading this from Ken Wilber I am wondering, where is this efficiency that is 10 TIMES better than the green meme? Is the yellow meme 10 times faster than green? Is there a learning curve occuring at the Integral Multiplex, or are they also too far ahead of themselves for their own good?
10 times more efficient?  Where???


Second Tier Affirmations 2006-03-18T09:15:04Z

I’ve been thinking about affirmations lately (in relation to an integral-life-practice…formerly ‘integral transformative practice’ as laid out in the discussion by George Leonard’s and Michael Murphy’s in their book: “The Life We Are Given).  This got me to thinking – even if I haven’t reached or stabilised higher levels of consciousness – it may be useful to integrate affirmations that someone operating at these higher levels might use – it might act as a kind of magnet drawing me closer to the general orientation of that worldview.

So I was wondering – what do you think some quintessential “personal affirmations” might look like from someone operating at yellow, turquoise and coral?? (particularly turquoise and coral)

Would love to hear suggestions and insights from everyone – if ever there was a community of stable second tiers, it’s here!.  What are you all saying to yourselves :).  Thanks.


Looking for Carter/Buddhaclown2006-03-24T19:59:59Z see the following thread: [link=]Trying to Contact Carter/Buddhaclown, please help[/link]

Having an Integral job2006-02-21T20:44:04Z isn't necessarily in response to Casey's posting of the job openings at II. But I suppose it's related. It's something that's been brewing in me for some years.

Can I have an Integral job?

And by this I don't mean can I make the job I have now integral. That's all good and well. And I mean that sincerely. It's good and well. But I'm talking about something else.

I guess one way of saying it is that I want to be Ken Wilber when I grow up.

But not that exactly. But something like it.

I want to be an integral philosopher. But not that exactly. I'm already that, even though I've published no books, nor written any. I have written a couple of papers for school but that hardly puts me into published philosopher status.

I want to be an integral consultant, but not that exactly. I don't want to narrowly use the model to help company X sell product to population Y. I mean that would be a great job. And I'd take it. But what I really want is...

To be a part of the think tank. The Integral think tank that changes the world. And I think I'd be GOOD at it. And I want to be PAID for it.

Now, I've "always" imagined this would take the form of me working for II. And I still hope it will. Like yeah, I'd take that job.

But now I'm starting to consider the possibility that it won't necessarily happen that way.

Maybe some enterprising souls among us will have to group together and start a kind of think-tank/consulting group that uses the integral framework and the principles therein to help groups who want and need it, be that families, small businesses, large coorporations, or small or large countries.

And even though my "handle" here is integralschism (i thought it was funny at the time), I have no need to especially be separate from what Ken is doing with II. I'd be totally open (like I said above) to working for them. And I'd also be open, if such a group started having success on it's own, to then coming back into the fold of II. Since I have no negative issues with II, I think the more the merrier, and that centralization is not a bad thing in the first hundred years of a movement like this. Not to mention all the good work II has already done. No need to reinvent wheel.

Now, without going back and reading it, I believe Casey actually mentioned the term "think tank" somewhere in that jobs posting. But I didn't actually see a position for sitting around a table in the board room and brainstorming ideas for how to apply this and where to apply this, and such.

Is it possible to do this kind of thing and get paid? I bet it is. It will require a lot of creativity, good business sense, marketing, etc. In fact, a lot of the things II is focusing on now.

And yeah, I'll admit a small dose of sour grapes. In that, I wonder why I'm not personally in on it. I want to be recognized for my high level of skill and utility with the model. Is the best way to get recognized going out into the world and establishing something that generates income?

Finally, the trademarking issue becomes germane here. But I don't see it as a problem. I wouldn't feel the need to market "AQAL" per se.

As I imagine many people who write a post here would, I welcome any and all responses.

John E. Sarno, M.D., This guy cures chronic pain2006-03-14T22:12:26Z am interested in hearing about people's experience, thoughts, beliefs, etc. around this guy.

He cures chronic pain in over 90% of the patients he sees with a 2 hour lecture. It takes about one to three weeks following the lecture in most people.

His results are impressive. His thinking appears sound. Yet he is ignored by mainstream medicine.

So I thought I'd ask for ideas from my spiritual community.

Hey Arthur re:cleansing...2006-03-18T06:46:21Z geez, I have been trying and trying to post in reply to Arthurs cleansing thread, and it won't let me post there so I will have to do it here.

Hi Arthur,
reading Dr. Batmanghelidj's Your Body's Many Cries for will find that drinking 5 pints (12 cups) of water a day you will clear up your allergies and everything else including the depression. I already feel better doing this for just a few days. I spike the water with ionic minerals from the Great Salt Lake. I am a total fan of Dr. B now; I realize I have been dehydrated my entire life. Here is the short list of things dehydration creates: Constipation, bad digestion, ulcers, GI tract problems, heart burn, allergies, asthma, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, kidney failure, cancer, athritis, multiple sclerosis, obesity, sugar/carbo craving, depression, reduced intelligence and brainfunction, emotional and social problems, poor eyesight etc.

This following is from my first book...
The purpose of fasting is deep cleansing of both the body and mind. In order to get the most out of fasting it is best undertaken when you have several days free for restful solitude. You need to be able to deeply relax to facilitate the full elimination of toxins, fecal matter and mind garbage. Relaxation and fasting gives your organs a much needed holiday. Modern life and diet is so exhausting to our biological machinery that most of us are continually running on overdrive. Make it easy on yourself — you have to be ready to fast; by reading up about it this will put you in the fasting state of mind. If you begin your fast the day after full moon you will be in rhythm with natures time of flushing and catabolic action so your fast will go a lot smoother.
The EZ fast is designed to give you a high degree of elimination without overloading the eliminative organs and keeping the digestive tract moving along. This fast is ideal as a preliminary to more stringent fasts. It is not a true fast as some solids are taken throughout however it is ideal for novice fasters and those presently unable to commit to more intense cleansing. During a true fast all solids are avoided in order to stop the digestive machinery, to shut down the appestat mechanism and to encourage autolysis or self-digestion of all unwanted accumulations. You can do a true fast on either water or raw juices however juice fasts are far superior because they provide you with the energy, minerals and enzymes needed to detoxify effectively.
You may find the first two days uncomfortable once you stop eating the foods that have been masking your pain and fear. But after the third day you begin to lose body pain that may have been with you for years and you move into a state of lightness, grace and clarity. The way you feel about yourself and your relationships to other people improves radically. It is very important not to harbor on problems while fasting as this will reduce the benefits of the fast and take valuable energy away from the eliminative process. Give yourself a psychic break till after the fast, trust and pray that the outcome will be good; prayer traditionally accompanies fasting. You may find creative or high powered thinking difficult during the first few days but after this creativity is boosted along with increased clarity and serenity. Cleaning, sorting, letter writing and information gathering are activities well suited to the first days of a fast. As you finish off a well executed fast your thoughts should come together and confusion should lessen. You may find that you have the answers to many of the issues that were bothering you.
By tailoring the fast to your needs you need never suffer from tiredness or cleansing crisis symptoms. Anybody can go on a fast in almost any circumstances by choosing the right fast for the right time and condition you are in. Fasting helps heal all diseases except wasting diseases from malnutrition. Please analyze any excuses that come to mind which would prevent you from embarking on this ultimate healing journey. Fasting is a time for great respect—respect for your body and its miraculous healing knowledge—respect for your limits and your ability to endure—respect for the highest powers within you which are waiting to unfold.
It is necessary to be just as sensible before and after the fast as during it. If you gorge yourself before a fast thinking that you will make up for it while fasting then you undermine both the benefits and the purpose of fasting. Also if you eat too much or too heavy foods after your fast when your body has neither the digestive enzymes or the intestinal bacteria to deal with the influx of food then products of the badly digested food will be absorbed into your blood. Come off this fast with several days of salads, soups, millet, steamed vegetables and fruit. It is advisable for you to stop drinking caffeinated drinks (especially coffee) several days before your fast so that the headaches and withdrawal symptoms are over with.
It is essential for you to maintain light exercise while fasting to keep up your metabolism, enzyme action and prevent tiredness. Gentle exercise aids in the elimination of toxins, improves circulation and oxygen availability and improves cell nutrition. In the morning do yoga/stretching and breathing for one hour. Listen to your body and move and breathe the way it wants to. Remember your largest eliminative organ is your lungs—the more deep breathing during a fast the better. At least an hour long walk per day is also recommended.
Try this yoga exercise to increase eliminative functions: Sit on your heals and bring your head to the ground in front of you. Place your hands in fists by  your ears and raise your buttocks as high as possible keeping your forehead to the ground (similar to the praying to Mecca position). Breathe through the nose long and deep for 3 minutes then relax.
Massage and self massage will greatly enhance the benefits gained from your fast. Several times per day massage around your stomach in a clockwise direction. Dry brushing your body during a fast will increase elimination through the skin and improve lymph flow and circulation. Rub papaya juice over your face and body and leave on for 40 minutes or overnight; this will deep cleanse and improve the texture of your skin. Clay face and body packs will also aid in deep cleansing of the skin. Spas and saunas enhance cleansing during a fast but drink plenty of water and do not get overheated.

What makes this fast easy is that you eat several pounds fresh organic raw vegetables a day. This is to satisfy your need for chewing and to provide the bulk and fiber for smooth and rapid elimination of toxins from the intestines. Wash and eat plain: carrots, beets, celery, cabbage, daikon, radishes, turnips, tomatoes, capsicum and lettuce. Do not fast for long periods on fruit only as this may increase yeast infections, tooth problems, lower temperature and overwork the pancreas. Fruitarian diets are lacking in phosphorus which helps break down and carry away fats and fatty acids in your blood. Nature’s best sources of phosphorus are whole grains, nuts, seeds, fish and poultry. While on the EZ Fast I have personally found it inadvisable to take fruit or fruit juices as it seems to upset the balance of the fast and stimulate appetite. However if it works for you I would recommend you take fruit either in the morning only or for the first few days of the fast only. Wait 2 hours after eating vegetables before you eat fruit and at least 1/2 an hour after fruit before you eat vegetables.
• As well as the fiber from vegetables it is advisable to take 1 teaspoon of psyllium powder in a glass of water or juice in the morning and evening.
• By mixing in one teaspoon of Bentonite clay in with your psyllium drink it will help draw out toxins and heavy metals. Avoid taking herbs or food for 11/2 hours after taking your psyllium/Bentonite shake.
• Daikon is helpful to eliminate excess mucus, fat, protein and water from the body.
• Miso helps remove heavy metals from the tissues and is used in cases of radiation poisoning.
• While fasting you may drink up to 6 oz of wheat grass juice per day. This will provide plenty of chlorophyll for oxygen, blood purification and the elimination of mucus and heavy metals. It will improve energy and help neutralize toxins so they can be removed from the body without doing further damage. Wheat grass juice is natures most powerful free radical fighter. Because it is so concentrated you want to avoid a possible healing crisis by taking 1 oz/day for several days before the fast then slowly building up to 6 oz. Chase the wheat grass juice with a glass of water.
• Avoid vitamin and mineral supplements while fasting, however you can take up to 2000 mg of buffered vitamin C per day. Spirulina is good while on the EZ Fast to keep your energy level high.
• Since this fast includes the use of raw vegetables as a sponge to help the intestines flush out the toxins, the use of enemas is not as essential as it would be during a water or juice fast. Ideally however a colonic prior to fasting and then another after the fast has ended will greatly enhance the overall benefit.
Besides the vegetables the EZ Fast consists of four major drinks: Water, vegetable broth, lemon-ginger tea and apple spice tea; roughly two quarts per day depending on how hot it is and how much exercise you get. The lemon ginger tea is taken in the morning to facilitate elimination. The vegetable broth is taken mid day for normalizing a proper chemical balance and the apple spice tea is taken in the evening to warm and ground. Each of these recipes gives you a two day supply; keep the surplus in an air tight glass jar in the refrigerator and heat when needed. Try not to reboil these drinks to preserve their nutritional quality.
LEMON/GINGER TEA—The master cleanser
2 TBLSP  Grated Root Ginger    6  cups  Water
2–3  bags  Chamomile tea    2  TBLSP  Maple syrup
3  Lemons    Cayenne pepper
Simmer the ginger in the water for 15 minutes then turn off and add the tea. Cover and steep. Strain and add the maple syrup. To each cup add the juice of up to half a lemon and a pinch of cayenne pepper.
VEGETABLE BROTH—Potassium broth
1  Stem Broccoli    2  Carrots
1  Beetroot    Spinach or Swiss Chard
1  Potato    6  Slices Root Ginger
Herbs, Parsley, Watercress etc...    5  Black pepper corns
1  Onion + Garlic optional    Handful of seaweed.
Chop vegetables finely and put directly into the water to prevent oxidation.
Add water to just cover the vegetables and simmer covered for 1/2 an hour. Steep to another 1/2 an hour. Strain and add one teaspoon of miso as you take each cup. Use whatever other herbs and vegetables you want eg: Squash, Kale, Comfrey.
APPLE SPICE TEA—Digestive and grounding
3  cups  Organic Apple Juice    6  cups water
8  Cloves    2  Cinnamon sticks
2  Chamomile tea bags    Sassafras or Cardamon
2  TLBSP Grated Ginger root
Simmer spices in water for 15 minutes then add the tea bags, cover and steep. Strain and add the apple juice. Refrigerate and heat as needed.
• Rosehip, Fo-ti, Gotu kola, Ginseng, Sarsparilla, Peppermint, Licorice, Fennel, Alfalfa, Red clover, Yellow dock, Cardamon, Dandelion.
• To aid fasting, neutralize acids and alleviate hunger make a tea of the following and drink throughout the day: Dandelion root, Violet leaves, Ginger root, Cleavers, Fennel seeds, Cardamon seeds.
• Peppermint and Catnip tea will relieve nerves, calm the stomach, reduce flatulence and promote relaxation while on a fast or weight loss program.
• Burdock and Yellow dock can be used while fasting to prevent ketosis.

Kundalini thread continues2006-01-28T19:39:45Z last I found that reference to the yogi's independence from the earth's EMF.[li]

Through their own DC field all living organisms are plugged into the electromagnetic field of the earth, which varies in response to the sun and moon. Because someone with active kundalini has a heightened field and superfluid condition, magnetic storms on the sun and the sunspot cycle will affect them more so than the average organism. The earth’s normal field resonating at Alpha 10 Hz normalizes our own field and biorhythms, and we remain in sync with the planet through her field changes effecting a change in our own.

Changes in the earth’s field affect the pineal glands production of melatonin and serotonin, as well as changing acetylcholine levels in the brainstem. In this respect not only do our normal biorhythms respond this way, but so too do our psychic and spiritual capacities respond to changes in earth’s field. Thus we are keyed into a cosmic timing devise for the emergence of consciousness that is governed largely by the movements of the earth, sun and moon. Researchers will find that kundalini (and indeed normal physiology) follows the rhythm of the sun’s 8 day field sector boundary. One effect of this is the alteration of intestinal bacteria and pathogen count, immune cell spectrum and number. The two day turbulence during the move from one charge sector to another will also affect biology, consciousness and behavior.

Kundalini, like cell growth, health, intellect and consciousness itself, follows cosmic cycles whose influences include: oxygen consumption, pH, cell division rate, senescence rates, membrane fluidity rates and uptake/elimination rates of cells, precipitation rates of chemical reactions, the propensity to greater or lesser colloidal suspension, flocculation, growth-rates of pathogens, hormone output and fertility rates. The solar-lunar impacts on changes of atmospheric ions affect the polarization of cells and organisms, ionization and ion differential charge, polarization and firing capacity of nerves, hormonal/neurotransmitter and receptor changes. Cosmic influences probably also affect the speed and spectrum of protein and enzyme construction. Free radical and antioxidant changes would factor in all of this. All these cosmic influences boil down to our subjective experience.

Humans (and perhaps all animals) have magnetic sensing material in the ethmoid bone which is located in the sinus close to the pineal and pituitary glands. The slight rotation of the magnetic crystals in response to external changes in field is picked up by nerve endings in the area. Robert Becker and Gary Selden suggest this organ also transmits the biocycle timing cues from the earths field micropulsations to the pineal gland. You might detect a rapid change in field through the sensation in the area of the sinuses.
Perhaps one of the best texts on electromagnetic effects on life is still The Body Electric by Robert O. Becker M.D., and Gary Selden. Chapter 14: Breathing With The Earth covers the earth’s field effect on life.

[li]This quote from P.249 is particularly interesting: “Recently a group under Indian biophysicist Sarada Subrahmanyam reported that the human EEG not only responded to the micropulsations, but responded differently depending on which way the subject’s head was facing in relation to the earth’s field. Oddly enough, however, the head direction had no effect if the subject was a yogi.”

Presumably the yogi’s stabilized strengthened field is less influenced by the interference patterns of external fields. This might hint at the difference between a Yogi and an ordinary person undergoing a kundalini awakening. The Yogis mind and structure is cohesive, aligned and his autonomic system is consciously directed. While the kundi-active person may exhibit some of the states and siddhas of a yogi, it is his autonomic system that is running the show. The Yogi is carefully guiding his horses, while the neophytes is being hopelessly dragged along by them.

ILPs: A Midwinter Re-Try2006-01-24T19:11:06Z

Hi all --

I thought I'd bring[link=] this thread[/link] from the old forum over here and again invite anyone who is embarking on any new ILP (Integral Life Practice) experiments to share any intentions, first steps, challenges, ideas, information, funny moments, breakthroughs, etcetera, here.

In its old forum incarnation, this thread was focusing mainly on Upper Right issues: diet, fitness, saying goodbye to caffeine, and so on. But feel free to discuss as many of the other quadrants as you'd like--anything pertaining to something relatively new in your ILP.

Here's to multiquadrant health,

Mary W.

Integral techhead evolutionist activism2006-03-15T14:58:15Z want of a kinder description, most of my (53 yrs old) life I’ve been a binge learner. Something captures my attention and I’m deeply into it from 1.5 – 5 years. Thirty years ago it was lucid dreaming. 25 ago it was Neuro Linguistic Programming. 15 years ago it was creating comic art (panels and strips). 10 years ago it was dragons. 8 years ago it was evolutionary theory. When I was studying NLP I read literally every book published on the subject at that time. I read 96 books on dragons compiling a detailed database of dragon sightings and mythologies. When I was immersed in evolutionary theory I read a couple hundred books and over 500 papers. (It was here I came across Wilber). My training is in fine arts, but in terms of time allocation, I’m mostly an alternative businessman. I’ve started 9 businesses in those 25 years. In 1999 I began a free lance web design business that now server 350 clients and employs myself, my wife and 5 others. We’ve become deeply involved in the peace movement and so design and maintain sites, manage email blasts and media relations for 4 Illinois peace coalitions and numerous smaller organizations. We volunteer our time. I’ll say now where I’m going with this. For the first time in my life my passion involves contact with other people. Subjects that I was head over heals in love with in the past, mostly involved my reading by myself. This time my wife and many friends are also involved, and my goal involves little reading, but mostly people interaction. My goal: I’m looking for ways to ally left leaning political activists with the modern web/email technologies to nurture a highly responsive, highly cooperative grass roots environment in Illinois. The opportunity has revealed itself all of a sudden. Anti-war coalitions began forming in Northern Illinois about 4 months ago. There are now three with over 25 member groups, one with over 100 member groups. As the sole professional tech adepts, my wife and I are central to communications in these coalitions. So, for the first time, in Illinois you have over 120 different local peace and justice & faith based organizations working in loose cooperation with one another, with an opportunity for seamless communication. And that is what this post is about. I’m experiencing a passion for being part of a group creating the opportunity for seamless communication between Illinois peace organizations with an opportunity for focused mass action that encourages political/social change. But I’m running into a snag. Over the course of this year I’ve nurtured my personality to grow in a direction it had no natural inclinations for in the past. I now remember peoples names, look forward to gatherings and feel excited about meeting new people. (After 20 years of meditation and 30 years of psychotherapy and some flexibility emerges.) Still, I am not charismatic. Today is the first day I pitch in earnest the custom programming my firm has developed that creates a web environment for statewide peace organizations to create, support or endorse, or participate in actions created by other local groups. I’ve begun talking to local folks, about this web application, people interested in a strong peace movement in Illinois. Some people do not intuitively understand the possibility of long term multi-group cooperation. They are having a hard time visioning it. Most folks do not intuitively see how new technologies can encourage seamless communication. The new technologies are familiar to young people. Young people are relatively rare on the activist left. So, can you start to feel the snag. Or should I say the boundary, or what feels to me like the boundary between 1st and 2nd tier. Having read a lot of Wilber, Joe Trippi, Howard Rheingold, and way lots on cultural evolution and biological evolution, it feels exciting and fascinating to be present as the world culture begins the shift into 2nd tier. From my vantage point, it feels/looks clear that the new technologies are having a lot to do with this. New technologies both nudge people to shift identity to a frame that transcends national boundaries while at the same time putting people in touch with far more folks with far more frames of reference, encouraging many new views. In some ways there is no more an anachronistic bunch than the political left. Bush brains may be floating around on concepts new 100 years ago. Still, a lot of lefties are still caught up in the 30s and 60s. I’m seeing cultural change at breakneck speed (with the necks of Iraqis being broken) that is emerging in profound political change characterized by a global frame of reference. The medium is the message. The new technologies have created a medium – web, email, conference calls, web applications, blogs, etc – that encourages shift in identity. Identity shift is change in consciousness. On February 1st, I finished a 5 month stint as a volunteer national coordinator for Moveon before they transitioned into paid staff in the run up to the election. Incredible experience. I learned tons. Moveon has a mere 6 hierarchical levels in its actions division, yet numerous complications emerge when seeking to initiate seamless action on a national scale, not the least of which is communication. So how do we flatten the natural hierarchy of western culture and let the speed and flexibility of the new technologies guide us into wise, effective intervention? On April 1 in Champaign, Illinois there is a conference of Illinois peace and justice organizations (see where this new variation of the new technologies will be introduced. I will have to speak to an assembly. Never done that before. Stay tuned. 5Linux, Open Source, and Integral Theory/Practice2006-03-14T17:04:02Z

This topic has been bandied about before on the old forum a few times, and I thought I'd raise it again here.  Some people find much compatibility between the open source approach and integral philosophy.  Would we all (the world) be better off using open source, or do you think the current approach of proprietary software works better?  How does this apply to music and other creative endeavors?

A friend recently sent me a link to [link=][/link], which keeps track of the current distributions (different versions) of linux available, and offers them for sale on CD at low prices (bearing in mind that they may be downloaded completely free from the internet, that being part of the way open source software works).

My friend tells me that [link=]Ubuntu [/link] has a reputation as the easiest version of linux to install.  The brief description on the site reads:

[quote]Ubuntu Linux is a complete desktop Linux operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. The Ubuntu community is built on the ideas enshrined in the [u]Ubuntu Manifesto[/u]: [b]that software should be available free of charge, that software tools should be usable by people in their local language and despite any disabilities, and that people should have the freedom to customise and alter their software in whatever way they see fit.[/b] "Ubuntu" is an ancient African word, meaning "humanity to others". The Ubuntu Linux distribution brings the spirit of Ubuntu to the software world.[/quote]

I've added underline and bold emphasis to the above.  To me this sounds very "green meme", in the best possible way; and I do feel that this approach would work much better than the current approach of corporations, in terms of making our world work better.  It increases accessibility and allows people to maximize the use of their resources, with maximum flexibility to individual, organizational and regional situations.

It may sound "communist" to some; however much opportunity for profit - but not obscene profit - exists in the open source model; for example, in selling prepackaged CD's with linux distributions - more convenient for people - or manuals, instructional DVD's etc. on how to install and use the software; subscriptions to sites which offer the latest versions of software in easy-to-install formats, etc.

In any case, I'm starting this thread to find out how people feel about this whole concept.  What do you think?

Oh, and by the way, an install disk of Ubuntu 5.10 may be purchased at the above site for $3.95 USD plus shipping. For descriptions of other linux distributions go [link=]here[/link]


Want to work for Integral Institute?!2006-03-17T00:16:48Z

Now Hiring!

We're Looking for a Few Brave Souls.

Integral Institute is dedicated to the proposition that partial and piecemeal approaches to complex problems are ineffective. Whether addressing individual and personal issues of meaning and transformation, or increasingly complex social problems such as war, hunger, and education, partial and fragmented approaches need to be replaced by solutions that are more comprehensive, systematic, encompassing—and integral.

Integral Institute, a non-profit organization, has a number of job and volunteer opportunities available. Come step into the fire of a passion-fueled organization on the leading edge of something fresh. If you are interested in joining the premier integral think tank of our times, please take a look at our opportunities below.

Public Relations Specialist

The PR specialist will establish and maintain cooperative relationships with representatives of the community, consumers, employees, and public interest groups.This position is responsible for consulting with advertising agencies to arrange promotional campaigns in all types of media for products, organizations, or individuals. Please send your resume to

Part-Time Human Resources Assistant

Local candidates only!

The HR manager oversees all aspects of Human Resources. This position is responsible for supporting individual staff professionally, fostering healthy communication and organizational development, and creating and administering policies and procedures. Please send your resume to

Part-Time Marketing Manager

Local candidates only!

The marketing manager is responsible for strategic planning, trafficking, and execution of marketing/branding objectives for Integral Institute. Education and experience in marketing, strong organizational skills, and attention to detail required.Html skills helpful. Please send your resume to

Part-Time Marketing Assistant

Local candidates only!

This position includes various facets of marketing and advertising including market research, online advertising, direct mail, and brand development. The marketing assistant should expect to interact with members of various Integral Institute departments to determine business needs and execute tasks and will also have the opportunity to develop surveys, press releases, articles, brochures, newsletters and more for Integral Institute and all its offerings. Please send your resume to

Experienced Fundraiser

This position is responsible for the design and implementation of an effective, comprehensive fund-raising/grant writing program that is consistent with Integral Institute’s strategic plan. Please send your resume to

HTML Programmer

Local candidates only!

HTML programmer needed to support all branches of I-I in front end web programming. This position Codes HTML for web pages, emails, and any other HTML functions. XHTML/CSS coding, Basic Graphics manipulation, ASP, Adobe GoLive & Photoshop skills required.

Director of Information Technologies

Information Technologies are deeply involved in everything we do. At I-I, you would be responsible for creating a comprehensive intranet platform to meet the needs of disparate departments. Where we have differentiated into fractured, disconnected processes and systems, you will be able to integrate these systems into a coherent whole. Furthermore, you would be responsible for telecommunication technologies employed at I-I, relationships with vendors and evaluating cutting edge collaboration technologies used by a virtual workforce spanning several continents. Please send your resume to

Graphic Designer

Local candidates only!

The graphic designer is responsible for meeting the visual communication needs of Integral Institute and all subsidiaries. Graphic designer works with Art Director and various managers on design solutions in varying media (print, web, A/V), exploring appropriate, communicative, and creative approaches to representing the I-I brand and integral ideas. Graphic designer must uphold professional-level aesthetic standards and maintain brand consistency while seeking to help I-I stand out in the marketplace through cutting-edge imagery and ideas. Designer should be able to see a project through from inception to completion, work independently, and be able to take constructive criticism and direction from Art Director and other managers. Please send your resume to

Volunteers Appreciated!!

Here's your chance to make I-I part of your Integral Life Practice! Integral Institute has many opportunities available for karma yoga. Skilled, passionate folks are invited to offer their services. Please reply to

Volunteer Coordinator

Local candidates only!

The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for organizing and directing volunteers in their efforts to support the goals of the Integral Institute. They will manage communication between staff and volunteers to ensure the best possible match between organizational needs and volunteer capabilities. Please send your resume to

Integral Living - A Practice Tracking Tool2006-03-01T17:32:35Z folks,

For a while now, I've been designing a tool to allow people to build their practice (ILP or otherwise) in a framework that allows them to track what they accomplished each day.  I posted about it in my blog, if you want to check out what I'm working on.  I talked with some of you about it at the Seattle I-WET.

I'm getting close to a point where the core tracking ability will be functional in kind of an alpha-phase.  The interface isn't prettied up, and there are a lot of other areas of functionality that aren't done, but I thought I'd open it up to a few people who have a well-defined ILP and would like to try it out and give feedback.

My hope is to be able to open it up early next week, but it's a project I can only work on in my spare time, so we'll see.

If anyone is interested, you can post here or PM me and I'll get back to you.

The Many Faces of Terrorism2006-03-16T15:05:17Z anybody know when this booking is comming out????  & when Integral Spirituality will be post on IN?0I'm having trouble starting a practice2006-01-29T07:16:45Z, I'm very interested in vedanta and mysticism. I just moved to Seattle and I was wondering if anyone else lived in this area. If they did I was also wondering if you knew of any good places to practice. If not then maybe you could bare with this long post and perhaps give me some advice. Sadly, though I've read a great deal about mysticism I've never really had anything near a religious practice. The only mystical experiences (which i might also call artistic experiences) I've had have been through mushrooms. I don't really think I'd call what I experienced with acid mystical, i felt like it was more 'chemical'. Though at the time i remember feeling like there was a torch blazing from my fore-head and everyone else's fore-head around me like the paintings of the Apostles when the received the Holy Spirit. To me the flames were the burning of consciousness, only at that moment I'd use the word 'attension'. This might sound like semantic inanity, but if you think about what people associate with the word 'consciousness' and with the word 'attension' it's rather a dramatic difference. Attension makes me think of either school, social situations, or work. I digress, maybe I was using that paragraph to show how central mysticism is to the way i view the world. Anyway, I feel like I need to do Yoga to get to Kundalini and the lotus position of serious meditation. However, I've often felt uncomfortable in most yoga classes and I've felt most people there are a bit superficial with their intensions there. So, I've decided to spend the extra money and start taking private lessons. As a guitar player this isn't a strange concept to me. But lessons from who??? I need to find a yoga teacher that's cool with me going off about...very mystical ways of seeing my life. Again, I just don't feel like most classes are about mysticism at all. That's okay, that's their thing. But I feel like they're more concerned with relaxing, getting healthy, and having a kind of light fun with the thing. That's just not what I'm interested in. Honestly, I'd like to find a network of people who are very serious about their spirituality and have links to India and then links to the original lineages. I'd like to find a Guru with Shaktipat! Any advice would be apreciated imensly. Sincerely, Andy6TRANSITIONs to another locality2006-03-15T17:51:09Z forumaties!

I am now in Golden, CO....gods waiting room.

I had a delightful phone meeting with Gail Taylor, our new community director for the Denver area.

She's a great lady; full of warmth, passion and verve.

I am looking for a more temporary-permanent location to stay...any thoughts, advice are appreciated.

I believed when I was packing up I had a place to did not materialize.

And that, my friends, is only the beginning to the story.

The strange case of: Ten Days with  William Harry Walker...

I met him on the train to Washington, DC on my way to iWET Boston.

Diane Hamilton, Stuart, et al are all excellent people, in all the ways I know how to check them out.

Strange part is, so was Bill Walker.

And there, as they say, begins the rest of the story....

all my love,