Integral Naked is excited to offer you the opportunity to interact with IN's resident coach, Dr. Fred Kofman. We're talking real people with real dilemmas, looking for real solutions. Dr. Fred coaches you towards your own insights and actions.

Each coaching session begins with what you might call a "problem." To Dr. Fred, your "problem" is actually an opportunity for personal growth and self-awareness. Dr. Fred works integrally, using multiple intelligences—cognitive, emotional, spiritual—to call your soul to action. With wisdom and a healthy dose of "masculine compassion," Dr. Fred will help you live a better life!

Once a month, we'll feature an audio recording of Dr. Fred coaching an Integral Naked member like you. We hope you'll find that, while each person's issues are unique, these sessions also offer universal truths about how anyone can live with greater consciousness and integrity.

So, sit back and relax. The Doctor is IN. Whether it's a profound personal realization or clarity about "what to do next," let Dr. Fred help transform your personal problems into triumphs.

“I’m 53... I’m now 14 years into owning my own company... I’m smart and hard-working, but not very successful... I’m frightened about my future and the future of my family... We pay our bills, barely... I feel like I’ve let down everyone who ever believed in me... I feel like a fake, a phony... I feel my dreams slipping away from me... I feel like I need some kind of intervention in my life.”

This is the incredibly difficult situation that Leslie shares with us in the first few minutes of this deeply moving dialogue. Together, Dr. Fred and Leslie dive deeper into the story of Leslie’s life, and uncover some of the hidden chains that seem to be locking him in place. As they discover, some of those shackles are just the stubborn, cruel realities of life—but some of them, and perhaps the most constricting, are the stories Leslie has told himself for decades about the meaning of success and self-worth.

This is a truly touching exploration into the heart of adversity, and we invite you to join in on this most human of journeys....

 My Life, My Story: Living at the Edge of Fear ( 35:00 )
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As someone committed to excellence in her work, Sophia reports the she feels constantly let down by nearly everyone in her organization, and as a result does the work of three people. Quite simply, she's worn out, and despite an imminent six-month paid leave of absence, she dreads returning to her job.

Dr. Fred is a master of the way of self-responsibility, and illustrates how Sofia is always response-able (as in, able-to-respond) in any given situation, and so whether she suffers or not in response to her coworkers mediocrity is fundamentally her choice.

Fred points out, "You need to see yourself as part of the problem, so that you can be a part of the solution." Sophia rises to the occasion, and actually integrates Fred's suggestions so quickly that Fred starts pushing the edge of his own growth in order to keep up!

Note: The names of the people mentioned in this dialogue have been changed to protect the identity of those involved.

 Assuming the Mantle of Response-Ability ( 40:00 )
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With a degree in transpersonal psychology, and a clear, articulate manner of speech, Leslie demonstrates an enormous degree of insight about her interior realities—the following reality being of particular importance: I want to strangle my husband’s ex-wife, and though she may indeed deserve it, being repeatedly "hooked" by this kind of aggravation is exhausting. What can I do?

Dr. Fred does an exquisite job of matching practical, tangible tools and teachings to the needs of each moment of dialogue and discovery. Old truths are uncovered, new insights are synthesized, and compassion is the road upon which every step is taken....

 The Ex, My Mother, and Me ( 40:00 )
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Joan has decided to fire her boss, Bob. Bob is the President of a small college in Rhode Island, and as such, he is responsible for managing Joan's supervisor, Tim, who has been "extremely unscrupulous in his behavior." As Joan explains, at least half a dozen faculty members—many of them women—have reported to Bob that Tim has sexually harassed both staff and, most egregious of all, students, on multiple occasions.

Joan has come to Fred for help because every time she rehearses her conversation with Bob in her head, something feels wrong. Even though she is confident in her decision to quit, an unnamed apprehension remains. Together, Joan and Fred skillfully explore that unseen fear, and make it conscious, explicit, illuminated….

Note: The names of the people and institutions mentioned in this dialogue have been changed to protect the identity of those involved.

 How to Fire Your Boss ( 40:00 )
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In their original coaching session, Fred had coached Joan on how to "fire her boss" with true consciousness and genuine integrity. This follow-up session took place 48 hours later, and Joan had had the fateful meeting earlier that day. So did their first coaching session prove beneficial?

Reporting on the events of day, Joan explains, "It's really just good news!" Mission accomplished: I've fired my boss. Fantastic!

So, what should I do now? Fred begins, "Right now, enjoy the tenderness, and let things dissolve. And when it's time to move, something else will come into your heart.…"

Note: The names of the people and institutions mentioned in this dialogue have been changed to protect the identity of those involved.

 How to Fire Your Boss. Part 2. I've Fired My Boss—Now What? ( 26:00 )
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