Evolutionary Enlightenment: Participate in the Evolution of God (Kabbalah meets Advaita)

The core mystical principle underlying all of Lurianic kabbalah is that the human being participates in the evolution of God. For the kabbalist, perfection, which does not involve evolution, is by definition imperfect. Thus, God, who is perfect, must also be evolving. In a stunning tour-de-force of non-dual humanism, a kabbalist teaches that non-dual evolution depends on the evolving consciousness of the human being. Study with us and be forever transformed by the teachings and practices of evolutionary enlightenment.

Healing the Split: Shadow-Dancing Towards the Light

In each of our lives, there are unconcious “shadow” forces that move to undermine our ability to fully show up, succeed, and flourish in the world. Move toward rising and embracing your authentic self through engaging the stunning kabbalistic alchemy which allows us to first identify shadow forces and then to transform them into the source of our greatest light. Based on a close reading of ancient manuscripts, spiritual exercises and kabbalistic meditations, this work creates a significant shift in a our subtle energy and impacts dramatically in every facet of life.

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