The practices that transform us, all in one place

Spiritual SplashSpiritual Splash
Enter Big Mind™, genuine satori in three hours of facilitated interplay (98% of participants rate this process a "perfect 10"). Developed by Zen master Genpo Roshi.

Spiritual Splash3-Body Surfing
Featuring the ILP 3-Body Kata™, a daily practice profoundly integrating strength training (physical body), energy practice (subtle body), and open awareness (causal body).

Spiritual SplashDive Into Your Shadow
Learn the 3-2-1 Shadow Process™, an elegant way of revealing hidden aspects of yourself. Use it to transmute many difficult states on the spot, and others over time.

Spiritual SplashAQAL Base Camp
Your foundation for further adventures! Ken Wilber’s AQAL Framework™, the most comprehensive framework of reality available, will guide your ongoing exploration into the territory of You.

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The premise of ILP is simple: by carefully integrating physical, psychological, and spiritual practices, you accelerate your growth in each of them. ILP helps your integrate any practices you wish to engage in, from meditation to weightlifting to dance. At Integral WET you'll get a direct experience of integrating four key practice modules: body, mind, spirit, and shadow.
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