This event brings together innovative leaders in the field of international development who are implementing an Integral Approach to some of the planet's most complex issues.

From all corners of the globe, participants will bring their expertise and vision from their particular area of action and inquiry—from leadership development, community development, gender equality, HIV/AIDs reduction, poverty alleviation, girls education, tri-sector partnership, sustainable resource management, and more.

This intimate gathering of 35 people will provide an opportunity to dialogue on how an Integral Approach is currently being used in development, and with what results. The event will combine presentations and group dialogue on current integral applications. We will also explore the growing edges of Integral theory in action, and will do some strategic planning for the potential of Integral International Development worldwide. Personal and professional development activities and networking opportunities will be incorporated throughout the three-day event.

We warmly invite you to participate in this unique confluence of individuals, to share with us in articulating why and how an Integral approach is fast becoming a “best practice” in development.
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Upcoming seminar to be scheduled soon. To be notified, please send an email to with subject line: Please notify me about Integral International Development.

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