An Intimate Gathering for Innovative Leaders

In September, 2006, 50 sustainability veterans and pioneers will gather for a dynamic and profound week of training, scholarship, practice, and self-inquiry. The purpose: to use the AQAL-Integral Framework in collaboration with wise and experienced peers to deliver superior results for their most important sustainability initiatives. We invite you to join this action-learning community of international practitioners as we deepen our capacity to design and implement highly customized and increasingly effective sustainability programs.

This week will bring together organizational leaders, management, and sustainability consultants—from Fortune 500 companies, governments, and civil-society groups—who excel at what they do, but know that far better results are possible. Better results are not only possible, but are occurring. Leading Integral Sustainability practitioners will share best practices about working with the full spectrum of influences on sustainability: those from systems, culture, psychology, and behavior. They’ll explain how they transform markets, shift organizational cultures, and get full-company and full-community engagement toward sustainability.

For organizations, these practices lead to increased market share, superior retention, higher profitability, less risk, mitigated uncertainty in planning, and deeper traction for organizational strategy. For practitioners, working with the Integral Framework offers a radically improved understanding of sustainability complexity, clarification of the highest leverage points, up to 10 times increased personal effectiveness, and a profound, caring community.

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Upcoming seminar to be scheduled soon. To be notified, please send an email to with subject line: Please notify me about Integral Sustainability.

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