Terry Patten

Terry Patten serves as Co-Director of the Integral Life Practice Center at Integral University. For fifteen years (1973-1988) Terry was a student and editor for Adi Da during which time he co-authored (with Adi Da and Saniel Bonder) the book Garbage and the Goddess and served as founding editor of The Dawn Horse, Vision Mound, and The Laughing Man magazines. Terry is best known as the founder and guiding spirit behind the Tools For Exploration catalog, which first gathered in one place the many emerging brain-mind machines, subtle energy tools, and other cutting-edge technologies for expanding awareness. During this time he co-authored (with Dr. Julian Isaacs) A Double-Blind Study of the Biocircuit, a Putative Subtle Energy Device, co-designed various biofeedback tools and psycho-acoustic recordings, and managed the development of Heartmath's Freeze-Framer Heart Rate Variability Monitor. Terry is an entrepreneur, investor and consultant, as well as a writer, teacher and coach and a grassroots conservationist. Since selling Tools For Exploration in 1998, he has co-directed two grassroots environmental organizations, one of which, Old-Growth Again, demonstrates a new economic model for sustainable Redwood forestry.

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