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Integral Naked is getting a face lift. Navigation and ease of use are the priorities. There will be more roll outs in the coming weeks. Stay tuned and, feel free to let me know your thoughts.

What's New: Integral Relationships is, as ever, the most replied to thread. This week the subject was on integrating Upper Left practice into the Lower Left and also perspective taking of one's own relationships in comparison to others.

Proposed addendum to guidelines.  Because there may be some confusion with what general forum etiquette looks like, our moderator helper Pelle compiled this list. Let me know your thoughts.

Forum Guidelines:

1) The Road Rules by Ken
      No spamming
      No trolling
      No flaming
      No personal attacks


Member Delight Meeting 3-12-07, 14 Mar 2007 00:25:00 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:20588hmellon0

Today (3/12/07) in the Member Delight meeting (which includes Member Services) we talked about:

1. The questions which our members have asked about most (via email and phone), namely the ILP kit and the AQAL journal.

- I help out with Member Services, so if anyone wants to ask me a technical question, feel free

2. What we would like the new community space to look like and how your survey answers are helping us build that space.

-To that end, we want you to be delighted to be apart of I-I.  If there is something we are not doing that it is our power to change, let us know what it is.  We are listening now.

3. We discussed what can be done when one member creates ambivalent feelings in other members, and the question remains: how to create turquoise rules.

4. I’ve created guidelines which the staff is looking at now. They propose an escalation procedure for anyone who is accused of abusing the Road Rules. Granted, unless abuse is overtly harassing or advertising in nature, there is a quality of subjection to accusing someone of abuse.  This remains a dilemma. 

(I will say that I hope to have this issue “squarely” addressed in a possible upcoming dialogue.)

-Has anyone created an escalation process that they could share?  Random Turtle has shared some excellent guidelines, which I hope to use.  Anyone else?

5. Bringing more members into the forums: we all see the amount of views a thread gets, but why is that there aren't as many, or even nearly as many posts as readers? . Sad [:(]  I have a lot of ideas as to the why of this but I am interested in hearing from members who have more forum experience.

  -What are everyone's thoughts on this?  Please feel free to email me and to comment here if you have any ideas about how to get more members to post.

6. This week I will be putting out a statement about the changes which have occurred at I-I since November.  I know there is a lot of rumor and speculation and I hope to answer as many questions as I can about this.  We want you to see I-I and to feel involved and it is important to me that you know what is going on.

-If you would like to know anything specific about what happened or what is happening, please email me or ask questions here before the end of the week and I will try my best to put the answers into the statement. If the answer doesn’t make it in, please contact me and I will address your question specifically.  I really want you to feel that you understand what we’re doing now.

7. I will be creating the What’s New Blog within the next couple of days.

8. I’ve been spending the last week:

- Reading posts past and present

- Listening to content that members have pointed me to, like Fred Kofman (highly recommended for learning how to speak cleanly)

- Getting into hot water (thank you to all the members who contacted me with support and kind words, they really helped)

- Creating guidelines

Thank you,


My email is

Forums Meeting 3-5-07, 06 Mar 2007 02:16:00 GMTee28e699-b6ce-41f9-9b68-f4b3d2b14a5b:20093hmellon7

Meeting notes,

I wanted everyone to know the ground we covered at the Forums staff meeting this afternoon.

We are going to create guidelines based off of the Road Rules with a clearly delineated escalation process.

We are, with your input, going to do an Extreme Makeover edition of the forums, though this is in the long run.

I have the ability to delete members or restrict their access at my and a staff committee's discretion. When we feel someone has overstayed their welcome, that person will be "brought before" a staff board to decide his/her fate.

We will hopefully be getting a blocking option so this will not be such a huge issue as it's been.

I will be getting more information about what's going on at I-I which I will "disseminate" so you'll know as much as I know as often as I can give you the information and if the staff has agreed to make it public. More than that, I cannot promise.

I and the future appointed volunteer moderators currently have the ability to move posts, merge threads, make threads sticky, delete posts, and delete threads. If you see the need for any of this, please let me know.

We are looking for suggestions for a future forum. Please feel free to email me or post your suggestions. We will also be creating a thread for that purpose within the next couple weeks when our processes are a little stronger. This is your time for making wishlists if you are so inclined.

If you have theory questions, again please feel free to contact me, if I don't have the answers, I can find them for you AND we can start a discussion.