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Nakedness, Parenting, and the W-C Lattice (among other things)

Dear Friends,


It’s been a big week all across the Multiplex forums, with interesting conversations emerging and evolving left and right.


Integral Naked announced the relocation of its discourse to the Multiplex, and the already thriving community of IN posters have started to make themselves at home here. As well as tagging up the place and good-humoredly squabbling about who got there first, they’ve begun some conversations with the potential to be very timely and insightful. The nature of the situation in Israel and Lebanon is the subject of one of our new discussions, while the difficulty and necessity of creating a global second-tier organization is the subject of another. As the old IN forums close, I’m sure we can expect the vibrancy of the IN community to continue in its new location. It’s good to have the whole Integral family under one roof.


Three threads of the Integral by Topic forum have emerged this week that may prove particularly interesting. I, for one, am deeply moved by the level of communication I’ve seen  the Integral Parenting thread recently rise to. Members have been challenging one another to approach some very difficult questions with honesty and presence, finding that all-important delicate balance between theoretical and practical approaches. An interesting series of posts about nurturing growth through the Spiral Dynamics memes recently gave way to the meta-question of whether Integral Parenting is a philosophy or strategy to follow, or simply the habit of responding to particular occasions in with an AQAL awareness. And just today, the conversation has turned to the formation of local “affinity groups,” a context for parents to commune in person. The six pages of conversation thus far would make a good evening’s read for any of you who haven’t stopped by the thread yet.


Members are taking a similar approach to the Integral Politics thread. Already, people are holding themselves to an impressive standard of self-awareness in their perspectives, and balancing the practical with the theoretical. The conversation has yet to focus itself to a significant degree, but a wide variety of interesting ideas have been put forth, including an Integral Constitutional Convention of sorts.


Another thread in Integral by Topic which shows the promise of integrating a variety of perspectives with comparable skill and subtlety is Integral Science. The AQAL take on biological evolution is one area where I-I has often been criticized (see Integral World, for instance), so it will prove interesting to see how the subject will be treated within our own walls.


The ever-continuing Integral Spirituality Chapter 1 thread has turned toward an examination of the sentience of social holons. [Spoiler warning: this is may be the perfect preparation for Chapter 7: The Miracle of We, to be released in coming weeks.] In the general Integral Spirituality thread, a small but dedicated collection of members is taking a good hard look at the Wilber-Combs Lattice, comparing it to centuries of traditional wisdom and previous Integral approaches (you just have to scroll past some bug reports to find it). And elsewhere in the Integral Spiritual Center forums, members are wrestling with integrating spirituality with the material difficulties of life.


These are your struggles and questions, my friends. These are your perspectives, your insights. Thrown together in your Multiplex, they are forming a beautiful dance.




Published Friday, July 28, 2006 6:21 PM by iiwhatsnew


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