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Big news, reincarnation, hatred, and the Simpsons.

Dear Friends,


The big, Big, BIG news this week is that we finally got a little taste of Integral University. Once a week, I-I’s own Katie Heikkinen will be releasing an AQAL-certified, peer-reviewed, Integral-inspired, never-before-seen paper from Integral University’s library. We’re calling it Integral University Presents. We’ll be having moderated discussions of the paper, information about the thinker behind it, and occasionally even conference calls with IU directors. Eventually, IU Presents will work its way up to teleseminars, mini-courses, surveys, audio or video blogs, and downloads. Please join us as we, in Katie’s words, “explore together how integral theory can be applied to academic, research, and professional venues.” This week we are reading Theory and Practice of Integral Sustainable Development, by Integral Sustainability director Barrett C. Brown.


And as IU Presents was just warming up, the II forums remained as red-hot as ever. Started only four days ago, the Reincarnation thread has rocketed to 93 replies and counting, with personal reflections and published literature mixing in a dynamic investigation of an eternally sticky question. Chances are you’ve already read the thread or posted there, since everyone has, but just in case you haven’t, this might be worth your attention.


Another perpetually active forum superstar, the I Fucking Hate… thread, has taken the 7th circle beyond cursing and teasing and into the realms of deep personal shadow stuff. Everything I-I supports, from God herself to personal growth to shadow work, has been fucking hated by someone, and often more than one person.


At the same time, within the safety of “Road Rules” governed forums, a very different approach to shadow is being taken. Perhaps the Outside to the Seventh Circle’s Inside, the discussion of Integral Spirituality Chapter 6: Shadow/Disowned Self has proven an occasion for very honest examination of both self and other. The discussion has already broached the importance of helping oneself instead of curing one’s own shadow in others, the differences of shadow issues between types (especially male and female), and the relationship of shadow-work, developmental arrest, and healthy but unpleasant emotions.


In the Integral by Topic forum, a healthy dose of controversy has started to arise.. It appears that a few folks around the community have been, as we would say in my old neighborhood “trying to start something.” Discussing topics such as videogame violence, abortion, same-sex marriage, and suicide, users are making a conscious effort to bring a little dissent to the Integral community. And everyone involved should consider it a success. Even were the insights arising in these discussions less keen, the sheer level of responsible, civilized disagreement displayed is exactly what we would hope to see in a second-tier forum. Effectively applying an Integral approach to some of these questions is a difficult challenge, but I’m proud to say we seem to be up to it.


Also in Integral by Topic, one of our under-achiever threads, is the Integral Science discussion mentioned in this blog two weeks ago. Still more wind-up than pitch, this thread shows a lot of promise, and a number of folks have shown up, ready to take a swing. How do we understand biological evolution in relation to AQAL? How can the practice of scientific research be improved by a recognition of interiors? How well does Integral Post-Metaphysics jive with String Theory? All we need is for someone to finally get some real discussion going, offering up some questions or insights into any of the topics touched on there so far.


I think you should do it.


In Casual Conversation, though most of the latest posts have dealt with The Simpsons and Duck Tales (of all things), this is primarily the fault of your beloved I-I staffers. In more serious business, some speculation about the role of Integral Institute in history has been bandied about, in the context of wondering just how much of a movement Integral is. And the gloriously indulgent musing over who should play Ken in the upcoming Grace and Grit movie has evolved from a free-form discussion to a “scientific” poll.


Speaking of the size of the Integral movement, I was asked to end this week’s blog post with some updated numbers about membership. It has now been a month and a half since the Multiplex started accepting members. There are now 8,949 multiplex accounts out there of one variety or another. Of those, 837 include membership in the Integral Institute, and 1,593 include access to We’re doing pretty well, folks, for a little organization on the cutting edge of human understanding. I hope you’re all having as much fun with it as I am.

Published Thursday, August 10, 2006 1:03 AM by iiwhatsnew



2dolphinz said:

Hello Friends,

Just getting aquainted with this magnificent integral community.  So much going on and so much to see and interact with....I'm thoroughly enjoying the One-Taste of it ALL.  Congrats on a job well done...setting the pace for the ever-evolving second-tier (and constant tension upon first-tier growth and movement up the Spiral).

Much Love to All.....and sending Ken my Heartfelt Waves of Tenderness for a smooth recovery---Your Smile & Humility Forever Inspire Me.

Alan J. Baum
August 11, 2006 8:20 AM
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