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We're Back!

I-I What’s New is back from hiatus!

What have you been missing?

Anima Women has exploded with thirty nine posts in only three days…How is this for provocative:

“My answer to the question of where all those men are who want real relationship is: they're languishing in that place that so many women put them: not good-looking enough, not rich enough, not MEAN enough, not tall enough, not muscular enough, etc. Many women say they want relationship, but when it comes calling, they say, "Let's just be friends.”

Also new and active is the 300 Millionth United Statian thread…

“Distilled to their essence, the fierce patriotism I see as basically red-meme individual power values, religiosity fervor as blue meme -enforced conformity and rampant materialism as orange meme meritocracy.........The question I have (given all the current controversy over new immigrants.....e.g., Pat Buchanan ironically said, "Look the north American Indians had a lax immigration policy and look what happened to them!") is, can we not improve on our American value system to find a real solution to the "problem?”
And interesting without so much traffic yet: Global Warming.....A slight return…

Find this surprising…?  “Global warming will not be reduced much by efforts to limit carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere, say two scientists.”

Also, checkout some earlier thoughts on the subject in the Integral Climate Change thread...
Big thanks to everyone that's been actively posting and smiles to those that prefer sitting back and reading instead!
Published Wednesday, October 18, 2006 11:30 PM by iiwhatsnew


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