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Hello again Integral!

Inspired by the just completed ILP Weeklong seminar, iiwhatsnew asks you:
Have you been reading the forum for a while and not posted?  Do you have an idea that you think might be great but have been afraid to share?  Can you hold that lightly enough, as object and not subject, that you can share it with the community and see what we can make of it together?  Consider it a friendly challenge… perhaps you will learn something and be glad you shared.

Just getting started we have Succeeding in spite of all the odds against you:

“Success and failure have roots in the famous Sermon on the Mount in Jesus’ closing discourse to a multitude of people who were following him throughout Galilee. He sat on a mountainside known as the Mount of Olives or Olivet, and began to teach them. What was his message?“

Up for a while now but lively last week, Differentiating Quadrants vs. Quadrivia and why burn Burning Man?:

"Why? Consider the following questions:
    * Where can I experience a strong, healthy form of magenta?
    * Where can I experience a strong, healthy form of teal/turquoise?
It seems to me that the answer to both is Burning Man.”

And building momentum fast is, Forgiveness; from the original post:

“Does anyone have any experience with forgiveness as a spiritual practice or know of any particular teachings from any tradtion regarding forgiveness? It seems important to me because until one can forgive one can't respond from one's higher self. Ken once said that his wife Treya's favorite spiritual practice was forgiveness (perhaps in Grace and Grit); does anyone know how she practiced it? Somewhere recently I heard someone speak of "instant forgiveness" in some context, perhaps with regard to a particular state or stage. Wouldn't that be something, having the ability to forgive instantly?”

Hope you have a great week and practice integrating your Body, Mind, Spirit and Shadow!  May we all find a place for all of us.
Published Thursday, November 02, 2006 12:11 AM by iiwhatsnew



maryw said:

Thank you for this digest with the summaries and the links that you provide here, iiwhatsnew. You always bring to light some wonderful thread that I missed!

This time I was a little surprised, however, to see no mention of one issue that continues to generate a lot of discussion in the forums (mostly in the Integral Naked forums): the question of what to do about repeated spam-postings in the forums. The "Banish Helene ... for Spamming" thread that was initially discussed here on Sept. 7 has now generated at least 30 pages of discussion and has more than 17,000 viewings -- and it has inspired thoughtful new threads, such as "Conscious Culture" and "Spamming and Second-Tier Communities."

At this point most active forum participants have agreed that spam should be deleted -- with a sizable percentage agreeing that it should be deleted at the request of the thread-starter. Two people who served as moderators on the former IN forum -- and who still have access to technical moderating "powers," have taken it upon themselves to delete the spam. The community by and large supports these actions, although a few people have expressed strong disagreement.

The situation remains disconcerting and perplexing. Two months ago, the managing editor of IN suggested that forum participants use the "report abuse" button as a means to report spam or other possible infractions of the "Road Rules." Since this did nothing to get rid of the spam, though, we are now at the point of deleting the text of the spam-postings. This is not the best solution. The "upstart" moderators can only delete text -- and not the post in itself -- so we currently have a slew of posts with the words "text deleted" in them.

Many are wondering why II has not weighed in further on this issue (and a few members have various theories on that, for example, that this is some kind of experiment ...) And many are wondering: How do the "Road Rules" apply here? Should spam be tolerated, deleted, or prevented? Should a persistent spammer be banned, reprimanded, or limited to unmoderated sections of the forum? And is II following its own "Road Rules" when it comes to managing the forums?

I know II is going through a great deal of growth and incredible busy-ness right now -- this spamming trouble may just seem like a minor problem to folks who are working overtime.  But I, and I'm sure many others, would sure would love to see some resolution on this issue!

With respect and gratitude,
November 2, 2006 12:48 PM

kessels said:

I think Mary described the current situation perfectly. If it's just time constraints that are keeping I-I from implementing  a better solution, then I'm sure some of us would be happy to discuss if there's something we can do to help out here. But even if you would decide to let it run it's own course, then I'd greatly appreciate it if you could just let your members know about it.

Your hard work does not go unnoticed, so thanks for building all of this. Let's just keep this precious baby in good shape, shall we?

Peace & be wild,
November 2, 2006 2:59 PM

pelleB said:

I can only agree with what Peter and Mary have written above. There is a lot of kick-ass, integral discussion going on in the forums and for many of us it is the only access we have to a turquoise we-space. But at the moment all of those good things, the very things I would guess the forums were created for, are being held hostage by spamming.

Amazingly the IN forum has self-organized and made real progress on this issue. There is now a broad agreement that spam must be dealt with in some way, and that repeat spammers after showing their true face for some time should be confined to a small part of the forum or outright banned from posting. However, there is no participant on the forums who has those powers, and apparently I-I is trying as hard as it can to avoid this issue. Two forum members have lingering moderator power from before, but only to delete text, and we are fast learning that this does not really solve the problem.

Please I-I, step up to the plate and own responsibility for this issue. A turquoise we-space is more resilient than most, but some level of protection against spam is needed. To end this commentary, a few quotes from Ken's Wyatt Earpy blogs that might serve as guidelines:

"We have never tried to hide the fact that we engage in transformative practices, and transformative practices help you move or transform to higher levels of consciousness, care, and concern. We are therefore interested in vertical growth, and especially in second- and third-tier growth and development. We have developed a lot of very sophisticated means of growth and transformative practices, and we gladly offer them to whoever wants them.

And we have promised those who do so that they are getting turquoise quality. We have promised to those who want to become members, or join seminars, or purchase a product: we make every attempt to guarantee that all of our products stem from at least the turquoise (or second tier) levels of growth and development. So we have always been completely transparent about that. We are, or try our very best to be, a turquoise gathering or club or organization. There are hundreds of green clubs out there, there are hundreds of orange clubs out there; there are hundreds of amber clubs out there—but there are no turquoise clubs, no communities and organizations of people who are at, or try to be, flying at a truly second-tier altitude. So we try to guarantee turquoise, second-tier, integral quality in everything we do. We are open to those who want to fly at that altitude. And if somebody doesn’t want to fly with us, that is truly fine."

"Being more inclusive means being able to reject less inclusive, reject those perspectives that marginalize others. Extending compassion to that which marginalizes is not real compassion but idiot compassion: in our understandable desire to be compassionate, we extend compassion to that which actually hurts somebody. Not being able to tell the difference is idiot compassion."

"One of the thorniest issues is finding, and allowing, an integral space, an integral sanctuary. I spoke out to all who are looking for such, and invited them to join us."

I can only imagine the burden of work that I-I employees have. But I truly believe that dealing with the issue of spam in the forums is time well invested. For many people the forums are an integral lifeline and what helps anchor our consciousness at a turquoise level.

Thank you for reading this.

Blessings to all of you from Sweden,

November 2, 2006 4:37 PM

MemberServices said:

Hello Everyone -

Your thoughts and comments are not being ignored and are certainly being heard.   Member Services has been looking into this matter and additional details will be forthcoming soon.

Please feel free to let us know any additional thoughts you have on the issue by using the "Suggestion Box" link available on the bottom right corner of the screen, or call us at 866-603-9456!
November 2, 2006 4:58 PM
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