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Opposing Forces

Coming off last week's important election day, What's New highlights a series of partisan debates:

Randomturtle wonders about our ideas of Liberalism and Conservatism and how intertwined they are with stages of development in: Conservative and Liberal at many levels.

"So, to me, it appears that being a conservative or a liberal isn't about a specific stage, per se, but about what a specific stage looks like within a specific system/culture of the Lower Left (and to some extent the Lower Right)."

Next, commenting on a recent Wired article in The Crusade Against Religion, balder wonders how the Integral community should engage the New Atheists.  Are they just the newest flavor of fundamentalism?  For additional perspective, checkout this blog post by's very own C4Chaos.

And finally, following up Ken and Stu's recent talk, Fast, Furious, and Moving at the Speed of Thought. Part 2. Politics, Ecology, Energy, member Grant inquires as to what exactly is the Integral perspective on climate change in Crichton's State of Fear vs. Gore's An Inconvenient Truth---so what is the integral response to climate change research?

Some further postings and materials worth checking out about this complex issue:
Integral Climate Change
Climate Change Action Needed - Here's the Plan
And for Sponsor members and above, check out Eye of the Storm: An Integral Perspective on Sustainable Development and Climate Change Response from the IU Presents Sustainability Library.

And finally, as many of you are aware, there has been a lot of unrest lately in the IN Forums over the last weeks regarding moderation of member Helene, and what many people has felt to have been I-I's lack of a response to the issue.  Please checkout the latest from Integral Naked's managing editor here..

P.S. As a reminder, anytime you have an issue, be it bugs with the websites, issues with other users, feedback of features you'd like to see, billing problems, techical problems, or anything else; please contact our Member Services Center and they'll do everything in their power to assist you!
Published Thursday, November 16, 2006 9:09 PM by iiwhatsnew


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