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Ken's Health

Dear Friends,

Early Wednesday morning Ken was admitted to a local hospital for repeated seizures and an abnormal cardiac pattern.  Ken is currently in stable condition in the Intensive Care Unit.   

Ken does not have a history of seizures, and there was zero warning that something was about to go wrong.  In fact, Ken had a fantastic day Tuesday, writing all morning and then meeting with several folks at the loft.

Doctors believe that they understand why these seizures occurred, and the good news is that it's nothing intrinsically wrong with Ken's physical well-being.  In other words, we have strong reason to believe we can avoid these in the future.

Ken has been sedated since admission to the hospital in order to help prevent additional seizures, and doctors are planning on slowly backing off the sedative in the next day or so.

This is clearly an extremely serious situation, but it does not appear life-threatening, and according to the lead doctor at the hospital, she has no reason to believe that any of these conditions are irreversible. 

If you would like to express support for Ken, please pray, do tonglen, or simply hold him in heart and mind with loving-kindness.  Ken has always said that these practices work wonders, for both giver and receiver, and all of your love and care will be deeply appreciated by him.

Please do not send flowers; if even a dozen kind souls send flowers, the doctors will have no space to work.  And naturally, please do not try and visit Ken in the hospital.  Ken is in Intensive Care, and only family or extremely close ties are allowed in, nor is the hospital allowed to disclose that Ken is a patient there.

For the time being, I will be posting short updates on Ken's condition daily.  As might be expected, we are looking at days and weeks in terms of recovery, but even just 48 hours after all of this started, recovery does indeed appear to be the path we've already begun.

Please, friends, walk with Ken on this path.  Lift him with your heart, touch him with your mind, bless him with your soul, liberate him with your spirit.  He will feel you, and you will feel him, and this miracle of we shall embrace us all, radiantly erupting as the bliss-agony of One Heart pulsing in so many bodies.  Ken is nearer to you than your own skin; feel him with reckless abandon.  Nourish this precious body of our beloved friend with all the love available to you.  Let that love open you to infinity....



Published Wednesday, November 22, 2006 5:36 PM by iiadmin



yeshepelmo said:

I have only learned of Ken's condition in the last few days. I've been doing and will continue to do tonglen.
Manjushri, I have finally found you! Please be well!
December 11, 2006 7:59 PM
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