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From Spain with Love

The Sangama concludes...



Dear Friends,


Early last week, I arrived in a small town outside of Barcelona, Spain to participate in the Sangama of Christian theologian, Raimondo Panikkar. Sangama is a Sanskrit word meaning to come (gama) with (san) or, "to come together." I must say, I had hoped that I could blog and post pictures fresh from the oven, so to say, but, alas, I had very little access to internet.  


The Sangama concluded today. Father Panikkar had invited 12 leading scientists and religious figures to discuss the topic "The Vision of Reality in Science and Religion."  I had the honor to present AQAL to the group--it was well received and certainly relevant to the topic!


Back to ISC, this week we are featuring Ken's "Road Rules" for participation in online communities.  We think these will provide a solid foundation on which the Integral Community online can grow and prosper!  We'll return to the chapters of Integral Spirituality next week, and stay tuned for conference calls on these chapters, coming soon.  Also this week, we are moving along to transcendent voices   

in the Big Mind series from the ISC Inaugural Event.


My time in Spain ends in a few days and soon I will be back in the mountains of Boulder, CO. After my return I would love to share more of my experience at the Sangama and until then, many blessings to you all!



Published Saturday, July 08, 2006 4:37 PM by rollie



perera said:

Hi Everybody!
Until we get a chance to hear more from Rollie, here are few Father Pannikar links.  He really does sound like a beautiful being.  I hope he comes to Boulder, CO!

Eruption of truth:
An interview with Raimon Panikkar
by Henri Tincq and translated by Joseph Cunneen

My weekend of bliss: Encounter with Father Raimon Panikkar

Multi-Faith Dialogue in Conversation with Raimon Panikkar- Gerard Hall

The Vedic Experience

July 8, 2006 9:37 AM

perera said:

July 11, 2006 7:34 AM

maryw said:

Thank you for those great links, Nomali! (Although it seems the first one isn't connecting). That multi-faith dialogue article is excellent! If he ever does come to Boulder I'll be making a road trip ...

Rollie, I'm waiting to hear more about your experience at the Sangama -- when you have time.

July 28, 2006 12:28 PM
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