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ILP: The Next Level!

This Week on Integral Spiritual Center....

Everyday Applications of Big Mind, Part 1
Everyday Applications of Big Mind, Part 2
Integral Spirituality, Chapter 5:  Boomeritis Buddhism

Dear Friends,

A stellar group of Integral Life Practitioners have gathered in Westminster, Colorado, for I-I's first-ever ILP Level 2 seminar!  Led by I-I teachers Diane Hamilton, Fred Kofman, Sofia Diaz, Terry Patten and Huy Lam, the group concludes today what has been a remarkable journey for all involved.

In the ISC Inaugural Event Series, please take in Everyday Applications of Big Mind Process, from a rich discussion that followed Genpo Roshi's presentation.  The discussion involves contributions from Donna Zerner, John Kesler, Brother David Steindl-Rast, Elizabeth Lesser, Sourabh Sarkar and Deb Frost.

Also this week, enjoy Chapter 5 of Integral Spirituality, Boomeritis Buddhism!  And please click here for instructions on the upcoming Integral Spirituality discussion with Ken Wilber....

Until next week,

Published Friday, July 28, 2006 12:14 PM by rollie


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