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Dearest ISC Members,
Memories! Last Friday, about 70 of us were spending the day at the St. Malo Retreat Center and Chapel of St. Catherine on our day's trip during the seminar we just completed, the Integral Contemplative Christianity (ICC) Seminar/Retreat. We started on 10/04 with 55 eager and beautiful participants and close to 15 seminar staff members and volunteers in Westminster, Colorado. Throughout the seminar, we were also blessed, I mean REALLY blessed, with gorgeous warm weather.


Amongst many, there are two very significantly important reasons why people come to Integral Institute seminars. One: to many people, this is their only chance to be with a like minded group of people that yearn the same things and speak the same language. When the seminar ends, we hear over and over again that what people came for most and left with was the breathtaking beauty of the Miracle of We. Two: the opportunity to learn from some of the integral world’s most cutting edge teachers. In the case of ICC, again, we watched people drenched in a Miracle of We, learning from each other as well as those whose wisdom has touched the lives of many - Father Thomas Keating, Ken Wilber, Brother David Steindl-Rast, Diane Hamilton and facilitators, Rollie Stanich, David Frenette, Barbara Alexander, John  Forman, Terry Patten and Willow Pearson. Special congratulations also go out to Rollie for having facilitated the first ever II + ISC five-day seminar. Well done, Rollie!


Our days at ICC consisted of teachings, Q&A, the Three Body Work-out (ILP), individual/private sessions of "Holy Listening" with teachers and facilitators, morning and evening prayer, centering prayer/meditation by the altar, a visit to St. Malo Retreat Center and Chapel of St. Catherine, group discussions, the Shadow Module (ILP), and a stunning ending with breaking bread, community offerings and washing of the feet. On day 1, we had 55 participants. On our final day, we had 55 heart warmed friends, embracing each others' light in countless moments of joy, laughter and tears. For many, it was ultimately a strengthening of their Faith.


As we go along, we will offer more and more reviews, letters, blogs, audio, video from this very first Integral Spiritual Center seminar/retreat. For pictures, please click here. More pictures are on the way too...And of course, especially for Rollie and I, as co-managers of ISC, this has been our greatest honor. A deep bow to each and every participant, teacher, facilitator, staff member and volunteer.


Still in recovery mode...bathing in the Great Exhaustion, Smile [:)]


Love to you all,


(Religious without a Religion)


Published Friday, October 06, 2006 10:32 PM by iiadmin



donkeyhoty said:

rollie and nomali,

much love to you from the great white north!

so great to hear about the heart-opening(s) at the seminar - i cannot say enough how much i would have loved to have been present with you all in the presence of father thomas. i can't say that i have many regrets in my life, but not attending this recent seminar may be one of them. i must now "prepare my own room" in which to engage the parts of me that might have been exercized during this awesome time with that particular "miracle of we" that came into being this past week. now, i just have to find the "we" part and things can get rollin.........

rollie, when are you coming back to town?!

that said, i am so so pleased that this recent meeting has gone on to carve out a deeper space for us ALL to inhabit.

love love,

eric g.

October 9, 2006 8:11 PM

maryw said:

Thanks for that report and those wonderful photos, Nomali! And I'm very happy to learn that we will get to hear/see some audio/video from this event. Wish I could have been there ... maybe next time!

Gobs of gratitude for all of you --

October 10, 2006 12:15 PM

mconva said:

Hi Rollie and Normali,

So excited for the sucess of the "Integral Contemplative Christianity" workshop.  If it weren't for my new knee, I would have been there.   I was glad to hear that you used the foot washing.  For me, It has always been an extraordinary experieince on Holy Thursday.  Can't wait to see the pictures and hear the talks.  

October 11, 2006 10:17 AM

mconva said:

Hi again,

I was cut short and had to leave quickly.    
I don't know weatrher any of you are familiar with Beatrice Bruteau.  She is a marvelous author.  Her book; "Radical Optimism" is a primer for a contemplative life style. (Comments on back cover by Fr. Keating, Bro David and Wyane Teasdale).  She has read Ken.  Her new book; "The Holy Thursday Revolution" is a classic.  

Loving is seeing the face of God

October 11, 2006 10:31 AM

pattye said:

Dear Nomali: Yes, thanks for your reporting, as always.  I had to let the ache go all the way down before I could allow myself to enjoy the place you all went with Father John.  He has been one of my heroes.  For some reason, I learned and was fascinated with contemplation early on from the nuns I had at school for my teachers.  I felt that I should be there and part of my practice now is to accept that where I am is where I belong.  And have accepted that and was comforted with a big dream.   So in a sense I was there and I am here in Florida and I am also with the rest of this community in cyber space.  This is the time to express my deepest
gratitude for this spectualar web site, like none I have ever seen.  ANd for all the work that has gone into this undertaking.  Where else could we get the almost
"overload" of information, much of which can put me in a contemplative place and much that is study and inquiry that is necessary for growth.  Even first grade level information and education for babies and first graders in so important and so even if this is more substantial and calls for some pondering and digging where else could we go for it.  For twenty dollars a month, it is just the most incredible bargain
Thank You Thank You All for your work.   With Great Love   Pattye
October 14, 2006 9:21 PM
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