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Ken's home and say Hello to LeeLoo!

New This Week on ISC…




Interview with Sally Kempton, Part 2 – ISC Crew


Hospitality and Gratitude as Spiritual Practice - Father Thomas Keating and Brother David Steindl-Rast at the Integral Contemplative Christianity Seminar, Part 2



Hello Dearest Friends,


I have the best news ever for everybody who’s been waiting. Finally, Ken Wilber has returned home from the hospital. We hear that he is happy and excited to be back. Let’s give him a little time until he is ready to hop around the block again. We want you resting and taking all the time you need, Ken. Don’t make us come get you, if you're getting too adventurous too soon!


Do you folks even know how much your being with us at this time meant to us in the past few weeks and days? Your prayers and love had an incredible effect; I believe that without a doubt. I am and We are honored – Profoundly Honored – to have you on this wild ride that is ‘integral’ with all its beauty, chaos, ups, downs, and most especially, during sickness and in health.



Also in the news is LeeLoo! While Ken was away in hospital, he and Rebecca became the proud parents of LeeLoo – a cute little piglet, no kidding! We heard that he was thrilled to come home and find this new baby, eagerly waiting for her philosopher dad. Please see picture below…



Please don’t forget to check out our video today on gratitude and hospitality as a spiritual practice. We also have the second part of an interview with ISC Teacher, Swami Sally Kempton. Both of these gems are filled with wisdom and sweetness. Enjoy! (see top of page for links)


Also, in the spirit of the season, please continue to Light Candles for your loved ones, loved things. It is truly a beautiful practice. On our ISC Forums, this time of the year as we get closer to Christmas and Hanukkah, please check out and join:


The Spirit of the Season - Balder/Bruce

Christian Mysticism  - John W. Cargile, Msc.D, D.D.

Integral Contemplative Christianity  - SageMichael

How to Pray - Gavin

Essay BY Kell Keanrs on The Consciousness of the Christ - John W. Cargile, Msc.D, D.D.

Thomas Merton (January 31, 1915 – December 10, 1968) - Nomali @ ISC


And there is so much more! That was just a tiny bit of the vast sea of beautiful dialogues going on in the ISC Forums. Join the fun, guys! Don’t forget also the many amazing and relevant audio/video assets that have piled up on our site. Check out the Library and Media Pages.


I must say, we have no dialogues on Hanukah Sad [:(]  Is there anyone out there who might like to start one? Also, are there any special practices other traditions – Buddhist, Islamic/Sufi, Hindu, etc. – engage in as we come to the end of a year and greet a new one? Let’s share our knowledge and thoughts…


Thank you all!


With so much Love, it hurts,


Nomali & Rollie @ ISC


Say Hello to LeeLoo! Ken and Becca's new piggy baby girl! (Picture from Clint Fuhs)


Published Friday, December 15, 2006 8:00 PM by perera



omnitonik said:

Hi -
I like pigs. They love to take baths, perhaps K+R could put up a shower that miss piggy can operate by stepping on a pedal or pushing a knob. Seriously.
Pigs can fly!

Best wishes and iron health to all!!!

kisses-and-hugs from omnitonik
December 15, 2006 6:02 PM

jwcargile said:

Here's wishing Ken Godspeed, and his new piglet looks just like my granddaughter's. She loves IT. I'll hang with my five cats.
December 16, 2006 12:04 AM

wmersy said:

such good news ken is back home...  I hope we can all actualize our best wishes for him and his work from our hearts...  There is so so much he is taking on here...
December 19, 2006 5:58 AM

sacajowea said:

Can't keep a good man down!  But we can keep a good man up.

You're amazing in so many ways, Ken.  Sending you healing all the way...

Love from the East Coast,
December 19, 2006 11:37 AM
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