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2007: A New Year dawns...

New This week on ISC…



What good is the church?: Integral Contemplative Christianity Seminar


Suicide Dictionary: Paul Lonely


Interview: Genpo Roshi’s journey…



Dearest Friends,


We hope you all had a blessed Christmas and are now awaiting the dawn of a prosperous New Year. Rollie and I would especially like to take this moment to thank you all for walking this path with ISC. In just the 6 months since the birth of this website, we have grown much with your help.


We officially launched in June of 2006 with 2 video clips of our first ISC Teachers’ gathering. Since then, our archives have grown heavy with over 25 audio recordings of ISC Members in Q&A with Ken Wilber and many other spiritual dialogues with teachers of ISC, over 55 video clips from ISC Meeting 1, ISC Meeting 2, Big Mind Process and Essential Spirituality at ISC1, Traleg Rinpoche with Ken Wilber, Integral Contemplative Christianity, and more. If you are not yet a member at ISC, take a look at our Free media.


We were also profoundly honored to have introduced to youl Ken Wilber’s latest book, Integral Spirituality before it was even published! We presented a chapter each week for 14 weeks, which created lots of wonderful conversations in our community forums. Outside of Ken’s book chapters, we also presented some other cool writings. We also have a large collection of photos from many of our events here in the Boulder/Denver area. We send our very special thanks to the many amazing ISC Teachers, Integral Institute Media Unit, the amazing creators of the Multiplex and other supporters who make this website possible and make us want to get up every morning and not sleep until very late. We are blessed to know you. Thank You!


Having said that, we also recognize, we have a long ways to go. We have many improvements we want to make to the site, lots of more wonderful video/audio we are working on, and eventually, we would love to present our members’ work/art, have online study groups, online practice sessions and much more. But that is all in the time to come. We are still experiencing growing pains and have much to iron out. One of the things that is most important to us–and that we have not been able to do as much as we would have liked–is to stay in touch with all our members. We are striving to be of best service, and more than that, improve our services. We are forever grateful for YOUR presence throughout. Thank You, dear friends.


This week, we present another video clip from ISC's Integral Contemplative Christianity Seminar. If Father Thomas and Brother David don't melt you, we don't know who will! Also new this week is part 1 of an interview with Genpo Roshi. He tells us a little bit of his childhood and his journey into the world of spirituality. And then, there is Paul Lonely! About a year ago, someone sent Ken Wilber an excerpt from a book he was working on called the Suicide Dictionary. The envelope said, "From: Paul Lonely, Kentucky." Other than that, there was no phone number, no mailing address and no email address or link to a website–nothing! Ken was so impressed with what he read that he had Colin Bigelow (his assistant) look for him. Colin looked high and low on the internet and in the Kentucky white pages and called many random people, and lo-and-behold, found him! Later, Paul Lonely visited us at II and we had a wonderful time. Today, he shares with you a few pages from his unique art….


On a personal note from me, Nomali, I want to pause for a bit to say how much I am going to miss you all while I take what I think is a well deserved break from Boulder, Integral Institute and the USA Wink [;)] That is right, friends, I am heading home for about 5 weeks in Sri Lanka. Travel [ap] This is my first time home since I moved here to get involved with Integral Institute after being badly smitten by the AQAL Bug. I am delighted to get away from the foot or more of snow here in Boulder (it is another heavy dumping again since last week's blizzard). Hopefully, there is enough internet in my humble and troubled homeland to stay in touch with you. If at all possible, I will definitely send some pictures of the 85 degree-sunshine over there! Paradise [ip] Click here to see where I am going...


And so, our dear members and friends, we cannot thank you enough for your friendship and support during thick and thin, good and bad, sad and joyous, health and sickness (especially Ken's!) and the many magical ways in which you make this a Miracle of We.


May the New Year bring you all ever so closer to your Highest Good, Truth and Beauty!

With Love and Light,

Nomali Perera and Rollie Stanich @ ISC


PS: Snow falling in Boulder, as we speak! This is my backyard.


Published Friday, December 29, 2006 4:49 AM by perera



avboyd said:

Thank you, Nomali and Rollie, for your ongoing caring.  My life is such that I can drop in to ISC periodically, and always to my great benefit.  I am slowly working my way through the telephone conversations about  "Integral Spirituality" and finding this enormously helpful.  And having the chance to revisit the experience of last October's Integral Contemplative Christianity seminar adds layers to my understanding.  May all this good work continue in the mystery and the grace.  Blessings of the new year to Ken and all of you.
Anita Boyd
December 31, 2006 9:52 AM
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