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ISC Editor's Weekly Blog

2007: The Year We Make Contact

This week on Integral Spiritual Center....

Dances Like Mind:  A Meditation on Shakti - Sally Kempton

ISC Interviews:  Genpo Roshi (part 2) - ISC Staff

Dear Friends,

As I considered how to entitle this first entry of 2007, it struck me that I might borrow from the famous movie title, a full 3 years early!  As Nomali (basking in the Sri Lankan sun as we speak) filled you in last week, our ISC intention for 2007 is to connect ever more deeply with the flourishing community that has gathered around the vision of Integral Spirituality.  As we participate in the IS Discussion Series, encounter one another on the forums, and come together for various gatherings through 2007, may we, the members of ISC, be woven together, a beautiful tapestry in the Hands of the Divine.

This week we continue with Sally Kempton, lead presenter at the second gathering of Integral Spiritual Center, as she presents an exquisite meditation on Shakti.  Also, we conclude our ISC interview with Genpo Roshi.  Enjoy!  We wish you every blessing in 2007....

Rollie Stanich

Chief Facilitator, ISC

Published Friday, January 05, 2007 10:29 PM by iiadmin



bigdaddy said:

Here's to a great year of deepened integral spirituality.  Rollie:  I could really use to know where I can go to access perhaps a resource list or resources for integral Christian contemplation practice (as structured as possible, initially, to help me get started).  The local United Church minister and I are hoping to develop a contemplative spirituality group that I would facilitate.  

I am thinking that Cynthia Bourgeault's Intro to Centering Prayer might be a good place to start -- we could work through this as a group (the discussion part) and then do some centering prayer practice (the contemplative part), but what do you think?  I have read her book, and thought it to be both good and accessible.

My own practice base has been more in Buddhist tradition -- except that now my practice is integral spirituality!

Best wishes,
Durwin Foster

January 6, 2007 10:22 AM
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