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Questions for Vidyuddeva?

This Week on Integral Spiritual Center....

The Universal Catechism - Fr. Thomas Keating / Br. David Steindl-Rast
IS Call on "Integral Post-Metaphysics":3 - Brendan Snow / Ken Wilber

ISC Teacher Discussion Series

The ISC Teacher Discussion Series continues on Saturday, October 13th at 1PM, with Ken Wilber and Vidyuddeva discussing Integral Buddhism.  Send your question in to for your opportunity to participate on the call!  As always, all ISC Members are invited to listen in to the live web stream.

The Universal Catechism (video)
Next Steps in Interreligious Dialogue

Brother David and Father Thomas are both pioneers in the field of interreligious dialogue; Father Thomas jokes that Brother David has been involved with the dialogue since “time immemorial.”  They have both contributed mightily to the endeavor.  But what about you?  What about me?

From an integral perspective, we can intuit the deep structures underlying the surface features of the various religious traditions, and can see the importance of the “conveyor belt” that the traditions serve as.  In this week’s video, Br. David underscores the importance of us all to interreligious dialogue.  The institutional religions, he says, have a vested interest in maintaining separateness.  In fact, if we wait for them to bring us toward a deeper unity, we might well be waiting for “the cows to come home.”

So what is it that we can do?  With the advent of the developmental approach, it’s clear that stage-specific versions of religious teachings are needed—some truths might be appropriate for children; others might well be beyond the grasp of the average adult.  But what is also needed is to expose ourselves—and our children—to the truths of other religions.  This is something that we all can do, and something that will not only increase our understanding of others, but may help to deepen our own practice as well.  

Accordingly, Fr. Thomas suggests that a sort of “universal catechism” might be in order.  As Ken Wilber writes, for the first time in history, we have access to all the world’s wisdom; we also have an understanding of how development unfolds.  For the first time, such a catechism can be written, across traditions and through stages of development. A catechism for religion, understood in a new way—indeed, as the conveyor belt that leads individuals from the childhood productions of Spirit, to the adolescent productions of Spirit, to the adult productions of Spirit, and beyond.

What Do You Need to Get a Universe Going? (audio)

Integral Post-Metaphysics implies going beyond metaphysical systems and the involutionary givens that those systems require.  So, at a bare minimum, what do you need to get a universe going?  Ken discusses this fascinating question with Boulder's Brendan Snow, from the call on "Integral Post-Metaphysics," Appendix II of Integral Spirituality.

John Kesler in Boulder!

For those of you who will be in the Boulder/Denver area at the end of this month, ISC Teacher John Kesler will be offering an afternoon experiential workshop on Saturday, October 27th.  The workshop takes place from 1:00PM-4:30PM at the Solstice Center, 302 Pearl Street in Boulder, and will explore the tantric connections between body and Spirit through the Big Mind Process and facilitated meditation.  There is a suggested $25 contribution, and attendance is limited to 45 participants.  You can RSVP to

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