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This week on Integral Spiritual Center....

Enlightenment, Gradually... - Patrick Sweeney
IS Call on "Integral Post-Metaphysics" - Ewan Townhead/Ken Wilber


Integral Spiritual Center was most honored to host its teachers this past week for the third annual gathering!  Special thanks to Nicole Fegley, Clint Fuhs, Kelly Bearer, and Robert MacNaughton for their extraordinary efforts in planning and holding the event.  We are looking very much forward to sharing the best moments with you, coming soon to this website.

Enlightenment, Gradually....

Enlightenment, Gradually…
The Mahamudra Approach to Meditation

If enlightenment can be thought of as the summit of a mountain, the Buddhist path to that summit is, at times, a steep and sudden approach, and at times, a gradual one.  In this week’s featured video, ISC Teacher Patrick Sweeney gives some background on meditation, the key practice in the gradual approach.

Buddhist meditation is essentially the cultivation of bare attention.  In his instructions on the practice, the Buddha taught mindfulness of the body, sensations and feelings, thoughts and emotions, and phenomena.  In meditation, one quite literally befriends these perceptions without judgment, developing the capacity to look directly what is present in the mind, with no effort to manipulate what is there.  In this way, the mind is allowed to grow and grow until it becomes transparent to the self.  The practitioner’s job is not to force growth, but rather to create the causes and conditions—the right circumstances of body, speech, and mind—whereby the mind’s natural potential can unfold.

As human beings, most of us take up an identity or selfing project—what Ken Wilber calls “The Atman Project”—which, unfortunately, obscures the gentle, subtle, delicate quality of knowing.  The first step into the Mandala of Awakening is to go to the root of the whole situation, and look deeply at how we are related to our minds.  Are we grasping onto the contents of our minds, and then turning them into the basis of self-identity?  Or are we able to be freely with what is arising?  Are we glued to samsara, wedded to the perception of being inside a human body and looking out at the world?  Are we reacting against what is happening in this moment, or opening to it?  Are we contracting along some story line internally, and externally, latching onto only one set of sense perceptions?

Mahamudra helps us to ask ourselves these questions, and helps us to answer them as well.  Eventually—through a sometimes sudden and sometimes gradual approach—we begin to know ourselves as we truly are….

States, Stages, and Kosmic Grooves

The Wilber-Combs Lattice helps us to see that progression through spiritual state-stages and structure-stages are relatively independent.  One can have a very high peak experience of a state from a relatively low stage (and interpret it accordingly).  Alternatively, one can be very highly developed in terms of stages, but have very little experience of spiritual states.

That being said, there does seem to be a relationship between the higher states and the higher stages.  Ken Wilber explains, in response to a question from the U.K.'s Ewan Townhead, from the Integral Post-Metaphysics call.

Published Monday, November 05, 2007 3:13 PM by rollie


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