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AQAL Journal

AQAL: Journal of Integral Theory and Practice (ISSN 1554-5814) is a quarterly online academic journal of Integral University. AQAL Journal explores issues and topics from multiple perspectives at many levels of complexity.  AQAL Journal is the official source for all articles related to Integral Theory and its application. It contains edited and peer-reviewed articles, editorials, book reviews, research, and other resources for the Integral community.

Articles published in AQAL Journal represent the cutting edge of Integral explorations: philosophical, theoretical, pragmatic, experiential, and critical.  The Journal welcomes case studies, applied pieces, reflective articles, theoretical explorations, Integral research, empirical studies, and critical views.  AQAL Journal is committed to the further refinement, development, and expansion of Integral Theory.

AQAL Journal embraces a post-metaphysical and post-disciplinary perspective that is dedicated to articulating the ways ontology, epistemology, and methodology interact and co-arise across various scales of time and space. In short, AQAL Journal avoids naïve realism by emphasizing the perspectival nature of reality, which emerges as first-, second-, and third- person perspectives interact with each other to generate phenomena.

You can get a sneak-peek of several AQAL Journal articles in the IU Presents File Share.

Instructions for Authors:  If you are interested in submitting your work to AQAL for review, please find the most current Submission Guidelines and Style Sheet here. Authors should submit their articles as MS Word documents.

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