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Building the Case for Culture Change

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Date Added: Tue, May 08 2007

In this article, Carolyn Taylor suggests that culture change, done right, can bring substantial benefit to organizations; done wrong, it is a waste of time. To be successful, organizations need to move from seeing change as just a logical processes to one that embraces the full complexity of change, which is made easier by adopting an integral approach. Carolyn introduces five dimenions:

- Achievement
- One-Team(ness)
- Innovation
- People First
- Customer-Centric

and suggests that by assessing all five, organizations can discover how the presence or absence of each impacts current performance. The article goes on to suggest that assessing these dimensions should involve all levels of the organization and that doing so will ultimately raise one or two priorities as related to the business strategy. Finally, she suggests that change is further enhanced by adopting three key “meta-behaviors” – integrity, responsibility and honesty – which can support virtually any strategy.

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