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A Model for Integral Sustainable Design Explored Through Daylighting

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Date Added: Fri, Sep 01 2006

By Mark DeKay

Keywords: This article reorients the quadrants and aspects of Integral Ecology, such as Niches and Terrains, to introduce how Integral Theory can be applied to sustainable design. A case study on daylighting is provided to display how the four quadrants can inform architectural design.

This paper briefly introduces the fundamentals of Integral Theory, particularly multiple perspectives (quadrants) and multiple levels of development complexity, drawing on the writings of Ken Wilber, and explores its implications for de­veloping an integral architecture and an integral approach to sustainable design. Integral Theory's multiple perspectives include basic perspectival distinctions of behaviors, systems, cultures, and experiences. For sustainable design, this ap­proach suggests including both subjective and objective value spheres in developing effective solutions to environ­mental problems. Each of these multiple perspectives can be understood as unfolding in stages or waves of complexity, yielding a matrix of viewpoints and concerns. Daylighting is explored in greater detail, proposing an integral daylighting framework of four perspectives and three levels of complex­ity: the 12 Niches of Architectural Daylighting. The Bigelow Chapel at the United Theological Seminary in New Brigh­ton, Minnesota is used as a case study for understanding architectural daylighting via the integral lens. [Co-Director’s note: this paper applies the quadrants of development and references aspects of the developmental levels element of Integral Theory. – Barrett]


BarrettBrown said:

This is an absolutely amazing article, highly recommended.
Fri, Mar 30 2007 6:09 PM
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