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Defining Sustainability: An Integral Triptych

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Date Added: Thu, Sep 07 2006

By William Varey

Keywords: sustainability, definition, development, AQAL, developmental levels, developmental lines, quadrants, developmental stages, triptych, integral, map, reality, worldview, consciousness, existential state, motivational system, end values, tiers, time, temporal, depth, span, time

In this paper an Integral approach to defining and working with sustainability is presented. A limited AQAL approach (specifically quadrants, levels and the temporal line) is used to illustrate and encourage an exploration of Integral perspectives within the complexity of our different conceptualisation of sustainability. A framework approach to seeing the multitude of sustainability concepts and artefacts clearly by using three fundamental dimensions within the Integral frame is described. This meta-perspective allows us to visualise complex maps of the many perspectives that inform an Integral approach to sustainability to find out what we (and others) really mean by the term. It is suggested that through our attempts to truly know sustainability from all perspectives within a dynamic Integral whole we can develop a clearer and more comprehensive view from which to assist the transition from mere subsistence to simple sustainable existence. Note: this paper is complimentary to Varey’s Transforming Sustainability: An Integral Leader’s Framework. [Co-Director’s note: this paper includes the following elements of Integral Theory – quadrants of development, developmental levels, and developmental lines. – Barrett]


BarrettBrown said:

Will Varey is arguably the most sophisticated Integral Sustainability practitioner I know. I highly recommend everything he has written. Be sure to check out his website at
Fri, Mar 30 2007 6:52 PM
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