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Calling Integral folk in Sydney (and surrounds)

Last post 10-29-2006, 2:58 AM by Johno. 1 replies.
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  •  10-21-2006, 7:03 PM 11954

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    Calling Integral folk in Sydney (and surrounds)

    Sydney Integral is the learning community of integrally-informed folk in the Sydney area - we work to gather and connect anyone interested in or working with AQAL. The group runs three monthly meetings aimed at social connections, learning and cognitive practice and ILP exploration.

    This month, on Monday October 30 at 7pm we are gathering all sub-groups together for one community meeting to ask ourselves how we best assist the emergence of the integral worldview in this place and time.

    If you're in Sydney and you want to help or learn or teach or just connect. Get in touch with me (, come along to this meeting and get on our mailing list to stay connected with what's going on.

    regards, blessings and BigLove,

    Tim Mansfield
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  •  10-29-2006, 2:58 AM 13001 in reply to 11954

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    Re: Calling Integral folk in Sydney (and surrounds)

    Hi Tim,

    I'm very pleased to see your notice of a Wilber group in Sydney. I live a couple of hours   up ythe road from Sydney at Pelaw Main, Kurri Kurri. I'm a very keen student of Wilber's work,   having read most of it, although he's hard to keep up with. I did a wonderful  5 day Integral Psychotherapy seminar in Denver in May  last year with the I-I crowd.

    I sometimes feel a bit starved of integral conversation. I wont make it to tomorrow night's meeting but I'd love to catch up with the group some time, hopefully in the New Year, especially if you ever have any weekend gatherings. I'll get myself onto your mailing list at the Sydney meet-up site.

    Best wishes, love and peace,

    John O'Neill





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