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On the experience of conscioussness unfolding...

Last post 07-12-2006, 12:55 PM by sagemichael. 2 replies.
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  •  07-11-2006, 3:23 PM 1304

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    On the experience of conscioussness unfolding...

    I had a very profound and life changing shift in my awarness of Kosmos on July 6th and I am wondering if others have responded to this shift similarly.  The awareness level I have reached has affected my body like a SHOCK to my physical system.  My heart is racing, my mind is unable to rest, and I've experienced a great deal of insomnia (of which I've never had sober), an elevated temperature, lots of sweating, only being able to take in minimal amounts of food, and feeling a profound sense of pain and mourning while also a profound sense of love and devotion.  My heart is in a perpetual response to the profound revelations in my mind of the existence of NOW and the potential realm of the future of which I know we can ultimately shape with our creative power inherant in BEING.  There seems to be a system overload for me where either my heart and mind has found a different sych, where they are both in a state of elevated consciousness and are therefore more active in unison,  or my organs are in a state of discombobulation.  This mode of being has yet to change and I have experienced this for almost a week now.  Have others experienced this?  Will this physical state I'm in subside? Huh? [:^)]


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  •  07-12-2006, 12:45 PM 1336 in reply to 1304

    Re: On the experience of conscioussness unfolding...


    I've had what you're talking about for a day, maybe two. It's happened a couple times, but I've always been able to point to the event that caused it, and it has always subsided with time. I can't give you much advice, but I can try, and I can offer thanks for sharing this profound moment with us.

    1 - Fear Not! Whatever part of you is running this (or visting angel, or whatever else), surely has your good in mind. Trust the experience, and allow it to change you.

    2 - The fastest way to make this feeling disappear is to try to understand it. Your call whether or not to try. There's a chance you'll succeed, and that would be well worth it.

    3 - Are you sure you didn't have a shock to your physical system? That wouldn't invalidate the experience, but it would be healthy to know any material causes.

    And please, when you can, share more.


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  •  07-12-2006, 12:55 PM 1337 in reply to 1304

    Re: On the experience of conscioussness unfolding...

    I also had an experience like this, mine lasting for about 3 months at more or less full "warp speed", lessening to more of an "impulse power" after that, and still very much energetically present in my system for 6 years now. I remember really thinking, after a few weeks, that I had changed for good and would need to get used to this extremely psychedelic mode of being.

    In my attempts to understand it, I learned a lot about the subtle body and different perspectives on working with it, especially from the shaktipat/kundalini tradtions and Taoism. If you're feeling surges of energy, those traditions have a lot to offer. There are some good kundalini resources on the web.

    But I agree with Yotam -- let it happen and trust it (as long as you're not in physical or mental danger). It's likely a release into a new way of being, a dramatic shift that might really serve your growth.




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